How to Make Mother's Day Gifts That Bit More Personal This Year

Mother's Day is such a lovely day of the year - I love that we celebrate how special the Mother-figures in our lives are. Be it our own Mum's, step-Mums, Mother in Laws, Grandmas or whoever it is that we look to as a Mother-figure, it's important to celebrate them.

Being able to spend the time together in the day is always the best sort of gift, but it's also nice to treat our Mums too isn't it? I was recently contacted by John Lewis who asked if I'd like to work with them on their Mother's Day campaign which is all about celebrating what it is that makes different Mums special in their own ways. Over on their website they have a dedicated Mother's Day page which allows you to browse gift choices by your Mum's interests such as fashion-forward, a gardener, foodie, adventure pro, tech savvy alongside many more. And as soon as I saw the category 'Always on-the-go Grandma' I knew instantly that that was the perfect place to find some Mother's Day gift inspiration for my own Mother-in-law.

mothers day gift ideas

My Husband's Mum is one of the most dedicated Grandma's out there, in fact she's an amazing Mum and Mother-in-Law too. My boys simply adore her and see her house like a second home, which as someone who grew up without a Grandma myself, I just love to see! As a Mother-in-law she has been there for me since I met Adam aged just 14, I was always invited round to stay each weekend and she always included me in holidays and days outs. She's been there for each of my birthday's and has always treated me like one of her own. We see her pretty much every week, which is surprising actually considering how on-the-go she is. She's got the busiest social life out of everyone I know and she loves to travel and go on holidays and days out whenever she can. She's actually the one who has influenced my own passion for travel and family adventures.

And so for Mother's Day I want to say a really big thank you to her for everything she has done and continues to do for us. We're planning on taking her out for a lovely meal and with the help of the John Lewis grouped up gift ideas, I think I've managed to pick her out some lovely gifts to suit her on-the-go Grandma personality perfectly!

mothers day gift ideas

For a Mother In Law and Grandma who loves to travel and to see the world these two pack of Ted Baker Luggage Tags instantly caught my eye. I wouldn't have thought of getting something like this for Mother's Day for her if I hadn't spotted them in the category, but I'm so pleased I found them as I just know that she'll be thrilled with the thought behind this.

mothers day gift ideas

I thought this Harlequin Quintessence Manicure Set was another lovely gift for my Mother-In-Law who more than deserves a little 'me time' to sit down and do her nails. 

mothers day gift ideas

This John Lewis glass metal border photo frame stood out instantly to me - My Mother In Law has so many framed photographs up in her home of our family, her travels and her fond memories and so I know how much she will love this.

mothers day gift ideas

And then lastly I spotted this Harlequin Quintessence cosmetic bag and I thought it would be perfect, the floral design is something I know she'd love and she'll be able to use it for her cosmetics or her toiletries whenever she goes away.  It even has a lovely colourful stripey design inside too (below). 

mothers day gift ideas

I'm so happy with the gifts that I've managed to find by using the John Lewis Mother's Day page. Being able to sort gift ideas out by personality types made it so much easier to find the sorts of gifts that are more personal and less generic. I actually managed to find some really lovely presents that I may not have otherwise come across. I just know that my Mother In Law is going to thrilled with the personal thought behind each of her gifts and when you're buying gifts as a way to celebrate the people in your life that you want to say a biug thank you to, you can't really ask for more than that!

mothers day gift ideas

If you're looking to find something a bit more special and personal this Mother's Day then head over to the John Lewis Mother's Day Gift's page to search by your Mum's interests to find her the perfect gift.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
**This post is in collaboration with John Lewis. 


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