We're Going to Disneyland!

I'm so excited - I honestly feel like a child.. After weeks of toying with the idea and researching and planning and looking for deals, it's decided and booked - in March we are going to Disneyland Paris!

We've booked to stay for four nights, so five days and we've decided to drive, as to be quite honest we find public transport with the boys so young a little bit of a nightmare at times. Last year we worked with Eurotunnel and we drove to France, Belgium and The Netherlands and the boys were as good as gold. So for Disneyland Paris, driving is definitely our preferred option.

We're staying at The Newport Bay Club Hotel in Disneyland and it looks amazing. As part of our deal, we have half board dining, but we've prepared ourselves in terms of the food as looking at the menu's there doesn't seem to be a lot of vegetarian options - certainly not for the children anyway. So we'll be taking lots of snacks with us.

I am absolutely loving planning - I feel like the moment we booked our holiday was the moment it started as I'm enjoying the researching of it so much. We've been to Walt Disney World in Florida before (long-term readers may remember my posts from a couple of years ago). Incredibly, we were invited to WDW by Disney themselves and it was the most magical experience we've ever had, so mcuh so that I've had Disney-fever ever since! We've never been to Disneyland Paris before and I can't wait to experience it. I love that it's not too far away, although I'm not sure my bank balance will after we've been as I'm sure we'll be desperate to go back once we've been there once! ;)

Whilst we're there in March The Season Of The Force will be on, so this will be extra magical for the Star Wars fans in our house (Daddy and Ethan). There's so much we're looking forward to doing and seeing, I just hope it doesn't all go too quickly!

After we booked it we kept it to ourselves for a little while. We wanted to do something special for the boys to surprise them. And so we bought a few Disney/Star Wars related presents and we wrapped them up and left a trail of presents for them to open, at the end of the present trail was an envelope which had the big reveal in. They were told that we were going on holiday somewhere and Ethan (being that Logan is still little) had to try and guess where it is that we were going. His guesses made us laugh bless him, but he was so excited when he finally opened the envelope and found out! We filmed their reactions and I'm really glad we did. I've embedded the video below in case you'd like to see it.

(A couple of screenshots taken from the video)

 The boys just after we told them :)

 My little Stormtrooper ready for Season Of The Force! 

I'd love to know your tips/suggestions and advice if you've been to Disneyland Paris before, so please do comment and let me know. :)

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 


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  1. How exciting! I've just booked to go in September, to kick off my 30th birthday celebrations! We went quite a few years ago and stayed in Newport Bay - it's a really lovely hotel. I bet the boys are going to love it! Getting autographs from all the characters is good fun if it's something you think the boys would enjoy. And it's definitely a good idea to take some snacks with you, as from what I remember, food in the parks can be pretty expensive! I can't wait to hear all about your trip :)

    Jenny xx