TimeSpring: A Way To Send Messages and Share Moments Now That Your Children Can Look At In The Future

You know as a parent those moments that you just want to bottle up and keep forever? They can be anything from seeing your little one in their school nativity play or seeing your child play with the other children in the park for the first time. Or the moment that they write their own name for the first time or draw a picture of the family. They can be big, or small or simply ordinary moments like laying on the bed together tickling and giggling so hard that you might burst, but they are moments that mean something. Moments that in time - a year or five years or even longer, maybe even when you're old and grey that you want to remember, you want to look back at and be taken straight back to the feeling that you felt when the moment happened. 

TimeSpring app review,

Capturing moments has become something I love to do, it's why I blog and why I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account. I know these years with my children are full of magical moments and I love having a place to come and record some of them. Because of my sheer love for photography and for capturing moments, I do of course have far more photographs than I'll ever really know what to do with. And whilst having lots of photographs isn't a problem (asides from the fact that my camera and memory cards tend to always be full to the brim!), I do think about how I might like to show the boys my favourite photos of them when they are older. I've printed a few albums for them, but I find it so much easier doing things digitally these days.

A little while ago I found an app for my phone that answers exactly what I was looking for (and more) and it's called TimeSpring. I think it's a really lovely idea for capturing, keeping and sharing memories and so I thought I would share it here with you all. 

TimeSpring app review,

The main feature of TimeSpring is time-released messages, which means that I can write a message today to my boys and they will receive it on a date in the future that I choose. And it doesn't matter that right now they don't have email addresses, I can still set up a profile for them and begin scheduling photos, memories and messages to them, I will just simply add their email addresses in once they're old enough to have them. 

TimeSpring app review,

I love that with TimeSpring, you're not only able to schedule photos and videos to be sent on a certain date, you can also add a message. It makes it feel so more personal. You can treat it almost like a mini letter to the recipient. It's not only a captured photo but a way for you to record and send exactly how you felt/what else was happening at the time the photograph was taken. 

It's a fantastic way to involve all of the family and send Grandparents messages and photos too. All they need to do is download the app free and accept your invitation to begin receiving, sending and sharing. 

TimeSpring app review,

I think it's such a lovely idea, especially for parents with young children who want a way to send and share precious memories with their children when they're older and I like the fact that with TimepSpring photos and videos can be sent and saved in a meaningful way. The creator of the app has plans to introduce multiple sharing so that one message can be sent to more than one person, which will be great if like me you have more than one child you want to send a certain memory/message to.  

If you'd like to find out more about TimeSpring then you can visit timespring.com or download the app over on the AppStore or GooglePlay. Please note that this is a free app but charges apply for sending video messages.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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**This post is in collaboration with TimeSpring but all opinions shared are as always entirely my own.


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