The Discovery Adventures With Land Rover

 I'm not sure why it's taken me so long but I have recently discovered how amazing and how relaxing podcasts can be! I don't know why I held off trying them for so long, but as someone who struggles to relax easily, they've been great for really helping me to chill out and unwind in the evenings and when I have a moment to myself. I've subscribed to a few now via the podcasts app on my phone including the Channel Mum Podcast, a couple of really great mindfulness ones and also some history podcasts such as those from History Extra. 

I was also recently invited to listen to the brand new podcasts from Land Rover called 'The Discovery Adventures' which is a mystery drama podcast series that's been designed to be enjoyed as an in-car experience. Each episode features different stories about specific UK locations and I can't explain just how brilliantly immersive they are. 

We're an outdoor-loving family and we all absolutely love an adventure and these new podcasts from Land Rover really do make you feel even more like getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. I listened to them via my headphones and I found the episodes not only really interesting but also really relaxing too. To create them they worked with Tony & Olivier award-winning sound pioneer Gareth Fry and the episodes feature an all-star cast of acting talent and outdoor experts. 

They recorded the episodes across multiple UK locations in binaural sound to really create an immersive feel for the listener and I think they've achieved it so well.  Listening to them actually made me feel like I was there. They left me with the feeling that the UK has so much to offer in terms of nature and the great outdoors. I really feel so lucky to live here and to be able to hop in the car with my family and just go out and explore! You can't beat those sorts of days can you?! 


To find out more about #TheDiscoveryAdventures with Land Rover visit landrover.co.uk/adventures.html.

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo

Disclaimer: This is an advertisement feature by Land Rover

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