Our Ordinary Moments: Where I Feel Most Content (Plus Competition With Rescue!)

I'll be honest - trying to balance a blog, a YouTube channel and social media platforms with life and motherhood is pretty challenging! Fun, but challenging. And sometimes I don't get to achieve all that I'd like to achieve in terms of the content I create. I've been working hard on growing my youtube channel because I've found a love and a passion for making videos, but I also love blogging. This blog is my digital baby. 

I've been wracking my brains in terms of trying to come up with a schedule and a content plan and I'm still working on it (And have been for the past four and a half years!), but I know that one thing I've missed doing is writing a weekly 'ordinary moments' post. The lovely Katie from mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk created the idea and I've always loved the concept because after all it's the ordinary moments that are sometimes (and often) the best sorts of moments, especially so as a family.

And so I've set myself a goal of making sure that I write a post each week about something that happened during the week that though might have been ordinary has left a mark on me. And to start of this week I am combining this post with something that Rescue Remedy (who I'm a big fan of) have asked if I might like to write about - a moment in my life when I feel at my best. 

And I didn't have to think long and hard about this one, I knew straight away where it is that I feel at my best and my most content. It's outdoors, with my family. It's being around nature and breathing in fresh air and exploring and finding new places and getting lost and forgetting about routine and jobs and things that need doing for a while. And doing this all with the people I love most in the world because it's them that make it more exciting. 

Throughout this post you'll see photographs I've taken where I've been in my happy place - they're all photos from my phone, where as I usually like to share photographs from my DSLR here on my blog.  But then sometimes unplanned photographs like these are the best. They capture moments where we've unexpectantly found ourselves in a place that we are happy and that we love and that we want to remember. 

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” — Karl Lagerfeld.

The great outdoors with my family is where I came to the day after it all got too much for the introvert in me in London a couple of weeks ago. We got our coats on and the boys got their buckets out and we set off on a very simple but totally refreshing Autumn walk in the woods and it was exactly what I needed to calm down my overwhelm and my anxiety. I felt so at ease, so comfortable and exactly where I needed and wanted to be.

Sometimes it really is the ordinary moments in life that make us feel at our best. Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary // Brene Brown.

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Where is your happy place? What makes you feel at your best? Please comment below, I love hearing from you. :)

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo


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  1. Gorgeous photos lovely! I love The Ordinary Moments, I tried joining in with again a while ago but I ended up stopping...must start again soon! xx