Stunning DIY Nursery Decorations and Keepsake Crafts With MUM-MADE

So if you've followed my blog or YouTube channel for a while now, you'll probably know that despite my trying, I am not the world's craftiest Mum. I mean I do love to try, but if you saw my Halloween crafting video with my eldest Son Ethan last year then then you'll know exactly what I mean!

However despite this I was recently introduced to what I think is a really lovely idea - MUM-MADE, the first craft box designed exclusively for new and expectant Mum's, made by the same people behind the popular subscription box for children, toucanBox.

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The idea of MUM-MADE is that Mum's (and Mum's-to-be) choose between the collection of different craft projects available over on the MUM-MADE website and then the box full of the different craft items needed to put the project together are delivered home and then we make the craft ourselves, rather than buy something directly ready made. I personally love this idea for a few reasons - 1. I love the idea that you make it yourself for your little one or as a gift for someone else as it feels more personal and for me, makes for such a better keepsake. And 2. I think it's such a lovely idea in terms of having something for Mum to do at home, because I think it's so easy to get lost in everything being about baby and to feel like there isn't as much time for our own separate hobbies and interests anymore.

Over on their website MUM-MADE have some great craft projects - things that would suit and look great in any nursery. They have a mobile, a sweet dreams nightlight, a photo montage and also this name garland that I had a go at making for my youngest Son Logan. The top photograph shows my craft complete and I am really pleased with it - I love how it came out - it's really our sort of style in terms of decoration.

MUM-MADE review, MUM-MADE craft, DIY nursery decorations, DIY baby keepsakes

The guide was easy to follow with lots of instructions and doodles to show each step and it was really fun to sit down and do on a Sunday afternoon when my Husband was home to watch the boys.

I think a MUM-MADE craft box would be brilliant for any new Mums or Mums-to-be with an interest in crafting and/or DIY home decor. I also think it would make for such a gift for a baby shower or for Mothers Day or even as a gift for a Mum who's just had their baby.

If you'd like to order a MUM-MADE craft box for you or as a gift then I have a 10% discount code you can use, just add the code BTB17 to your order over at mum-made.com to take advantage and get some money off. You can also find MUM-MADE over on Facebook and Instagram  to see some more examples of the crafts available. 

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo


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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    I can't wait for the next pregnancy announcement in my circle of friends as I will definitely buy one of those Mum made boxes as a gift! Does the discount code expire?