An Easier Way To Find New Beauty Products You'll Love - The Personalised Glamlin Beauty Service

If you are a bit like me in that you wear make-up, you like your hair to look (semi) OK, but you're not hugely knowledgeable about beauty and what the current top products are then this post is probably for you!

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The other day I was contacted by a brand who are new to the UK - a beauty service called Glamlin who offer a personalised beauty shopping experience service that has been really popular over in Finland and who now want to make a mark in the UK. They asked me if I'd like to try out their service and after a quick browse of their website I quickly realised that what they offer is probably something that as a busy Mum, I've been after for a little while!

glamlin, glamlin review,

Setting up my beauty profile and a free consultation with a beauty stylist

Through their website glamlin.co.uk, I was able to fill out a beauty profile which helped them to understand my makeup style, skin type, hair type, my budget and my lifestyle. The profile only took around 7-8 minutes to fill out and afterwards I was given a free consultation with one of their beauty stylists via Facebook Messenger who wanted to find out a bit more about what sort of beauty and hair products I was looking for and for what reason. Chatting to the stylist was great - she asked me a few extra questions just to really understand what I was looking for and I explained that I was looking for a new powder contour and also some hair products to suit my long highlighted hair.

The stylist then told me that she had picked out some products that she thought I would love and that would suit me and that she would be sending them over to me. And it's this aspect that I love so much, because whilst I like wearing make-up and having OK-ish hair, I don't always have the time to do my own research and read review after review when I'm after something new or a bit different. So having someone who knows their stuff when it comes to beauty offering to handpick some items for me was really exciting.

A personalised beauty package full of surprises 

A few days later I received my (rather pretty) Glamlin package and I was so excited to see what the stylist had chosen for me! I was really thrilled when I opened it to find products inside that I instantly knew I was going to love trying. Inside my package was also a really lovely, well thought-out personalised letter which was a lovely touch and there was also easy to understand tips and tricks about how to use the products attached to each one.

glamlin, glamlin review,
glamlin, glamlin review,
glamlin, glamlin review,

It is at this point in the service that you are given a week to decide which items you'd like to buy and the rest you can send back free of charge via a pre-printed and pre-payed return form that comes with the package. Of course, if you wish to then you can opt to choose to keep everything and if you do then Glamlin will give you a 10% discount off of the entire purchase.

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glamlin, glamlin review,
I have been loving trying out my new powder contour kit.

glamlin, glamlin review,
glamlin, glamlin review,
And I've been really happy with the hair products that were chosen for me. 

I was so happy with my Glamlin parcel - I absolutely loved the pretty packaging and felt like it really added to the excitement of getting new products and to the surprise of not knowing exactly what had been chosen for me. I also thought that the products themselves were absolutely spot on and exactly what I might have chosen if I had had the time to research the market myself. I've been using them since and have been really impressed with them. The contour is perfect and I don't want to put my new make up brush down!

I really liked that a lot of thought and care had gone into my parcel. The card inside my package was personalised with my name and then inside it was personalised with details that the stylist and I had discussed via our chat. The letter explained why the stylist had picked out certain products for me and how they worked and even offered extra tips, like trying certain shades of the contour product as an eyeshadow too which I've been doing and actually really like!

I really like the whole idea of this service and I think it's brilliant for people like me who don't really have time to scroll through review after review of beauty products online. It was so easy for me to simply fill out my profile in just a few minutes and then chat to a stylist at my convenience about what sorts of products might suit me. This is the sort of thing I could do in town if I went up a make-up counter, however that would just give me choice across one particular brand where as with Glamlin it was across many brands and to suit any budget.

Pop up shop open for a limited amount of time

If you'd like to start your free consultation then head over to the Glamlin pop up shop now. It is currently only open for a limited amount of time and is on a first come first served basis. Go to https://glamlin.co.uk.

Thank you for reading!
Alex xo

This post was written in collaboration with Glamlin but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 


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