30 Goals Before 30

I can't even believe that I'm going to be 30 next year in September, which means that currently, I'm 28, which I'm totally fine with. And I'm also semi-fine with being 29 in a few months. But 30!! - That I just can't believe. And it's not that I think it's at all old because I don't, it's just that I have vivid memories of standing in my bedroom as a child thinking 'I wonder what it'll be like to be 18, oh my gosh I'll be so grown up!'. And 18 for me, was over ten years ago! It's funny how fast time goes, it's scary to think about it actually. But what I do love, is how happy I am with where I am in my life. And I think that that is what matters, not age! 

When I was writing this list, I was reminded of how fortunate I feel to have been able to tick off lots of what else I might have added on to it if I hadn't already done it. I really am proud of so many things, but I also have things that I'd really like to work on/achieve or do. And I think for me, self-improvement in terms of being kinder towards myself is probably quite a big one. I also would like to travel more with my family and see places I haven't seen before. Since becoming a Mum, travelling has become more and more of an interest to me. There's something about getting out there, chasing adventure and creating memories that make me feel even more alive and I really love it! I also have social goals on my list as well as blogging and YouTube goals.

I know that I've titled this list 30 goals before 30, but I think some of these might end up being a few months or a few years or so after. Anyway, I'll leave my full list below, in case you fancy knowing what I'd like to achieve over the next few years.

1. Go to a concert - preferably see Eminem live!
2. Start exercising - running, yoga, whatever - do something that makes me feel less unfit.
3. Start reading books properly again - read at least five books this year.
4. Bake a cake from scratch for the first time.
5. Volunteer some time somewhere - perhaps at a cat shelter.
6. Reach 6500 youtube subscribers by September next year. My real goal would be 10k, but for that, I am going to have to work very, very hard!
7. Become better organised in terms of planning content and having things scheduled to go up with my blog/youtube channel.
8. Stop having random periods of self-doubt. (Be kinder to self).
9. Stop feeling guilty for Mum-related things when I know deep-down that I can only and always try to do my best.
10. Learn to relax more.
11. Visit America and perhaps stay in a villa in Miami, like this one offered by Clickstay.com.
12. Have a side extension put onto our home and our kitchen/garden re-done.
13. Get better at making time to socialise.
14. Continue to travel and see new places as a family and record those moments via photos and videos.
15. Get better at staying on top of my emails and replying to people faster.
16. Continue blogging and making YouTube videos that I love but that also allows me to grow my audience.
17. Get a new car - an automatic.
18. Meet up with online friends more often.
19. Go back to Walt Disney World and stay in a Villa in Florida, like this one also via Clickstay.com.
20. Visit as many royal/historic places as I can.
21. Be less afraid of or anxious about doing things and just do them!
22. Make time to reconnect with and then visit family and friends that I haven't seen in a while.
23. Remember to always look at what is right and not what is wrong.
24. Create as many memories with my family as possible from doing things like days out, holidays, trips and different events.
26. Win an award in something.
27. Become a better cook.
28. Visit New York.
29. Feel more confident about driving.
30. Be the best Mum, Wife and version of myself that I can be.

What things would you like to achieve over the next few years? 

Thank you for reading.
Alex xo


  1. What a gorgeous picture I saw this on your video and it is a perfect place! This is a great list lovely and so familiar...except I'm already the other side of 30 🙈 Good luck and I am sure you will achieve these.

  2. You better get started so. lol Number 13 I am utterly crap at. If I would socialise more I think my life would be more interesting and I'd be less anxious about certain things. It's hard though and I am sure you understand yourself.
    Tell Adam traveling to New York can be your Me time away on your 30th. :) xx