Travel Bucket List: Five Things I'd Love To Do

I say this a lot, but ever since becoming a Mum, I've been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. There's just something about getting outdoors and seeing more of our world that excites me. I love being able to explore new places and I love going on adventures with my family.

I find it so exciting to be able to fill up my calendar with travel plans - be them big or small and I love dreaming of where we might go and what we might do as a family one day in the future together. Below are just five of the things that I currently have on my travel bucket list.

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1. Visit Walt Disney World at Halloween
Ever since visiting Disney World last year, Adam and I have been saying that we can't want to one day go back. Whilst we were there, it was literally like being in another world - it was definitely one of the most, if not the most happiest places that we've ever been to. Ever since I was a young girl, I've been strangely interested in all things to do with Halloween (despite it being far less of a thing here in the UK than it is in the US). And every single time I see something online or on the TV about Halloween at Disney World and Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party, I get so excited and dream of one day being there to celebrate Halloween in the Disney Parks.

2. Spend Christmas and New Year in New York
OK - so asides from being very interested in all things to do with Halloween, I am also very, very interested in America, so you'll probably notice a bit of a US theme occur within my travel bucket list. I don't quite know what it is about America, but I feel a connection to the US and I always have done, ever since I was a young girl. It's funny because the only ever time that I've been to America is when I went to Disney, so it's not like it's because I've fallen in love with it through my visits. Christmas in New York looks dreamy, but then New York itself looks dreamy doesn't it? I can imagine how magical celebrating Christmas and New Year there would be. Seeing one of the most beautiful city's dressed up in the most dazzling Christmas lights and decorations and being able to just relax and enjoy the festivities and soak every minute of it all in, would be a dream come true.

3. Hire a beautiful villa with a sea view
Whilst I am very much into adventure and being able to explore, I love the idea of hiring a beautiful clean, modern villa somewhere not too far away, but hot like Cyprus and just making myself a little home away from home for a week or so. I'd chose somewhere with a pool and a stunning sea view and literally just go there with the pure intention of relaxing with my family and switching of from the rest of the world and the everyday sort of routine. The perfect sort of spot for me would be somewhere like Villa Akamas Bayview in Latchi, Cyprus because of it's sea view, it's private pool and it's pretty countryside setting.

4. Go on a Safari 
I feel like this one is more of a distant dream, mostly because the boys would both need to be a lot older for this and we'd need to save up quite a bit of money. But then the sky is the limit when it comes to travel isn't it? And as animal lovers, we'd love to be able to get closer to animals in the wild. It would be amazing to just sit and watch them in their natural environments and learn more about the ways they live their lives.

5. Visit Alcatraz and take a Californian road trip 
So this one probably comes at no surprise, after all what a wonderful way it would be to see some of the wonderful places in the US. My in-laws actually did the exact sort of Californian road trip that I'd love to be able to do one day and it was so much fun looking through their photographs with them. I've always wanted to visit Alcatraz purely because it just interests me so much and I've love to be able to explore San Francisco and Los Angeles one day with m family by my side.

So those are just five of the travel-related dreams I have. Where would you love to visit? Do you lots of places on your travel bucket list?And if so - have you been lucky enough to tick any of them of yet?


  1. Can't wait to take my baby to Disney World and would love to do New York too (any time of year please!). I've also always dreamed of going on a safari in South Africa. Have done Alcatraz and Californian road trip a few years back and it was one of the best trips of my life. Would do it all over again and certainly recommend it!

    My bucket list is basically explore as much of the world as I can but a few things I'd love to do and love to visit would be:
    Go on a Caribbean cruise.
    Stay on a over-water villa (i.e Bora Bora)
    Great barrier reef
    Go Glamping
    Stay in a cave house in Santorini


  2. I have created a world bucket list quite some time ago and I think it will be very hard ticking that off with two young kids.

  3. My travel bucket list just seems to be getting longer and longer. We have been lucky to have visited WDW 3 times, but I would LOVE to visit at Halloween too. Dubai, Vegas and returning to Mexico with the kids are just a few more on my list x