Home Decor: New Homesense Store Opening In Bedford!

I always remember as a young girl how much pride I took in my bedroom - I always kept it tidy and I liked to arrange my things in to 'places' and display the things that meant something to me. I was never materialistic over what I had, I just liked to keep my room looking nice because it made me feel good. And it always makes me smile when I think back to the days when my Mum would come into my room and hoover it or put something away, she'd arrange my things slightly differently to how I would and when she did I always ended up preferring the way she did it rather than how I had. It's a funny little memory to have isn't it? And it's funny that out of my Mum's four children, I was her only tidy child - my sister and my brothers could barely see their bedroom floors! ;)  

I've stayed pretty much the same way now that I own my own house. I still like to have things in little places and I like displaying things that mean something to me - be it because it's sentimental or because whatever it is reminds me of something/someone in my life. I still like to keep things clean, but I've learnt to relax a little since becoming a Mum. We keep on top of things, but as my Husband and I work from home and we have to very young children, we accept that there will always be 'family mess' and that family mess is good, it shows that the house is lived in and happy memories are created in it. 

I will always be in to my home decor and I'll always enjoy finding new things for our home - updating older things or finding new spots to put new things in. Last year we converted our loft in to a bedroom and en suite and we changed the decor in our existing bedrooms at the same time. I love that I feel like we have put our own touch on our home upstairs and I can't wait to be able to do the kitchen and the garden now too. 

And if you're reading this and you're a bit like me  in that you're quite in to home decor too, then you've probably already heard of and shopped at the homeware-for-less retailer, Homesense. But if not and you're new to Homesense then in a nutshell, Homesense is a homeware brand which offers a a really good variety of unique and quality products for the home at good value prices. They're actually part of the TK Maxx family, so if you already love shopping at TK Maxx for fashion, then you'll love Homesense for all things to do with home decor.

Excitingly, there's going to be a brand new Homesense store opening not too far from me in Bedford on Thursday 1st June at 10am at the St John's Retail Park and they've very excitingly invited me to go and see what I think of it when we get back from being away. I am so so excited for lots of reasons, but mostly, I can't wait to see what I'm going to find. Homesense have got so many different departments to choose from, such as cookware, furniture, lighting, decorative items, bedding, bathroom accessories, gifts,seasonal decor and more, with savings of up to 60% off the original prices! I'm really, really looking forward to visiting the new Bedford store!

If you live near by, make sure you go an check it out. But if you're a bit too far, you can always find your nearest Homesense store at http://www.homesense.com/find-a-store. :)

Have you shopped at Homesense before? What sorts of things have you found and fallen in love with? 

Alex xo

*Written in collaboration with Homesense. 


  1. Oh how exciting, I love Homesense!

  2. Love homesense will definitely be shopping there when we move home x

  3. Exciting! We don't have one anywhere near us which is a shame, but I always love TK Maxxs home section x