5 Different & Fun Ideas For Easter With Kids

personalised easter gifts

My own memories of Easter as a child are of utter excitement as I excitedly ripped the foil packaging away from the Easter egg that my Mum had given me. That, and the pure joy I felt when I found a clear packet inside of that egg with little sweets inside.

There's something about Easter eggs when you're a child, isn't there? There's something about having your own chocolate egg, wrapped in it's own foil, in it's only little box and it being all yours.

And now I'm a Mum, I see that excitement in my nearly four year olds eyes. And seeing him so excited makes me so excited. I now have this desire to want to go all out for occasions like Easter, because I know how much it meant to me as a child and now I know how much it means to my children.

I'm always looking for ways I can do things differently - ways I can surprise the boys and make things as fun as possible and with Easter just over a week away I thought I would share some ideas for a few different, fun things to do this Easter with the kids.

Hide Easter hunt clues inside Easter crackers

If you're looking for something that's a bit different to the traditional Easter egg hunt, then I love these amazing Easter crackers from Not On The High Street and think that they would be so fun to use instead. They're filled with a toy, an Easter joke and a paper crown, but the hole is big enough to roll up a 'clue' in to if you'd like to do that too. You can print clues out from the Internet or you can make your own up and then slot them inside. Then all you need to do is hide the crackers in different places and get your children to search for them - pulling them as they go and following the clues until they finally reach their Easter prize at the end. 

personalised easter gifts

Create Easter Bunny tracks

Creating Easter Bunny tracks is so easy to do. For ours, I've just used pink card and cut there smaller circles and one bigger oval shape and placed them together on to the floor in the shape of a paw print. But you could also use flour or talcum powder to create your bunny prints if you wanted to. 

easter bunny tracks

 Alternative Easter treats other than chocolate 

If your little one/s aren't really in to chocolate or you don't want to use chocolate for your Easter hunt, then there are plenty of alternative fun ideas that are perfect as a little Easter treat. I love this personalised Easter book and also this personalised Easter colouring box. Both make for such a fun Easter-themed personalised gift or prize for Easter. Perhaps, if you'd still like to do an Easter hunt, you could hide plastic coloured eggs instead so that your little one can find them to then get their fun Easter gift at the end.

personalised easter gifts
personalised easter gifts
personalised easter gifts

Take your Easter egg hunt out to your local park

We usually do our Easter egg hunts indoors, but for those of you that prefer to get outside but don't have much garden space than why not consider heading out on the morning of Easter to your local park or woods instead? If you get there early enough, you'll probably find that not many other people will be around and that a different egg-hunt setting will make the Easter egg hunting so much more exciting for your little one/s. 

Decorate your home with a mix of bought and made decor

I love buying new bits of decor for the different occasions throughout the year each year. I tend to see them as an investment as I know they'll be used year after a year. But I do also love to sit down and attempt some crafting with Ethan for each occasion too, mostly just because it's a lot of fun (even if whatever we're attempting doesn't turn out quite exactly as planned). 

Ethan and I recently made our own Spring flowers and a little Easter chick vase for them to go in to. It was so easy to do and we had a lot of fun doing it, plus it's added to the Easter/Spring feel in our home. The personalised Easter hunt sign you can see at the top of this post is new for this year and I really, really like it. I also love that we will be able to use it again year after year, to get the boys excited.

Easter crafts, daffodil craft. tulip craft

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and I hope that you have a lovely Easter whatever you are doing for it. If you do like any of these ideas, please let me know below. And if you're looking for thoughtful and unique Easter products then do go and take a look at notonthehighstreet.com as they have a really great range by the best creative small businesses from all across the UK. 

This post in collaboration with NOTHS, but all thoughts are entirely my own.



  1. For the first time we are actually not home this easter. We celebrate it in Thomas land, Cadbury world, safari park and Peppa pig world. Very busy. :)

  2. Ahh some lovely ideas! I love that sign! We're spending Easter with family, having a BBQ and stuff and we always do an egg hunt in the garden and an easter basket for the boys! xx

  3. I love this time of year. The garden is getting to look good and I can go out more with my little girls. We always go to church on Easter day....I love the music and I meet old friends.


  4. Oh I love all of these ideas, and that sign is so cool! I definitely want to make some bunny prints, although I might have to wait until next year as I'm not sure Zach would understand yet! xx

  5. I love the idea of the Easter crackers, going to look into it, and definitely do those bunny paw prints! Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Lovely ideas. I love the colouring box, Alice loves to colour and she would love this. We will definitely be having an Easter egg hunt in the garden at some point, they just love it x

  7. Great ideas. Thanks for all