Creating the Perfect Playroom

For any parent keeping their children occupied can be a bit of a challenge. Ideally, you would be able to play with them all day.
Unfortunately, we are all far too busy to do that. There is always a long list of other things that you need to do, which means that, at some point, your kids have to be left to their own devices. Once they are steady enough on their feet and have a basic understanding of how to stay safe, you can let them play on their own, or with their siblings.

Once they reach that stage setting up a playroom is really worth doing. You can approach this in different ways, perhaps convert your office or spare bedroom, or invest in a small garden room. However, you choose to do it, the tips below will help you to create a space your children will enjoy playing in. 
Safety first
The first step is to identify a space that you know you can make kid safe. Ideally, you want to be within earshot, and able to get to the playroom quickly should you need to. Safety needs to be your number one consideration. This article points out several hazards that most parents would not otherwise think about, so it is well worth reading.
Practical decor
You need to make the playroom somewhere that your kids want to spend time. The way you decorate it will have a big impact on how attractive the room is to your kids.
A good approach is to create a blank canvas by painting the walls in a neutral colour. If you are good at art, consider creating a mural of your children’s favourite characters, or things that they love.
You could also give one wall over to a huge blackboard. This will enable your children to create their own drawings, and use to play word games.
Wall stickers are another great way to decorate the walls of a child’s playroom when you are in a hurry. For the floor, laminate flooring is an excellent option. It is relatively inexpensive, goes down easily and comes in a huge range of looks and finishes. You really cannot go wrong with this flooring material, because it is also extremely easy to keep clean.
Fun elements
Your kids need plenty of floor space so that they can play freely, but you should also include a table or desk of some sort. This gives them a surface to use when they want to get creative and make things. They can also create a den under it, should they want to.
Kit the room out with all of their favourite toys, but remember to add some books and a cosy chair or couch that they can use to sit down quietly and read. Make sure that there is a place for everything. That way when they have finished playing, everything can be tidied away.

The elements I have mentioned above are the basics. Before you create your child’s play space, check out what others have done. Doing so will give you, even more, ideas.

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  1. It can take forever to create a play room but we are finally at the end of it and just need two more items. All will be revealed soon.