A Weekend Walk Around The Lake

Ohh I feel it has been such a wait the time between the harsh cold weather and the lovely sunny warm weather. And whilst I know that we're not quite there with Spring yet - I am feeling like Spring is definitely in the air! It's still cold, but not run from your car in to the warm building as fast as you can cold. Which means we are able to get ourselves back outside and in to the great outdoors again - yay!

I love combining my love for my DLSR (and learning more and more how to use it) with outdoor family walks and days out. I really enjoy capturing mini visual diaries and so I'm excited to start picking up my DSLR more again as the seasons change and we head outdoors more and more. 

At the weekend we decided to head out to a small lake Adam had discovered a few days before. He keeps discovering new little places that we didn't previously know about through playing Pokemon Go on his phone. So we decided to head over there and then brave IKEA on a Saturday (Yes - we're that mad!) for a cheap lunch and a few things that we needed (as well as some new scented candles of course! ;).). 

Whilst walking around the lake we pretended to be on a bear hunt, just like from the book, and Ethan loved it! Logan just loved the opportunity to get out of the pushchair and run about - we'd found a little hill to climb and on the other side there was masses of semi-long grass to run through (which obviously ended up being the swishy-swashy grass from the book!). It's made me so excited for more family days out in the summer, we've got a national trust family membership now and I can't wait to start using it. 

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our walk and also a little Saturday vlog, which you can find at the end of this post should you like to watch it. :) 

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  1. These are such gorgeous photos Alex, it looks like such a beautiful spot for a walk or a bear hunt! the boys look so happy xx