How I Found Out I was Pregnant With My Boys | And Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The two days and moments that I found out I was expecting both of my little boys are ones I will never forge -  I remember the exact moments, but then I guess you don't really ever forget the moment that you realise that you're going to start your own family or add to it, do you?

I was at work back in August 2012 when I suddenly started to feel really 'off'. I remember feeling like someone had stolen all of my energy from me. I went from being able to do my job just fine, to resting my head down on the table and really not feeling like I could or wanted to lift it up.

I assumed I'd picked a bug up and that I was feeling unwell. But my friend and colleague suggested that perhaps I could be pregnant. I brushed it off thinking there was no way that how I was feeling was pregnancy related. But she suggested it again and went on to suggest that I should maybe take a pregnancy test. Something inside me must have clicked and I started to wonder if I could actually in fact be pregnant.

So I contacted my Husband Adam who was at work and was due to finish before me, he worked in town so I asked him if he would pick me up a cheap pregnancy test, cheap because I was half expecting it to say 'Not pregnant'.

When I got home I went straight to the toilet - I'm impatient and even though I doubted it would be positive, I really wanted to just know either way. When the test came up positive, I was shocked in the most happiest way. I called Adam in and we both smiled and laughed and hugged and kissed - we we're expecting our first child.

I couldn't believe it. I was so happy, but I didn't want to get such high hopes up only to find out the test was wrong. So I insisted that we drove to the nearest pharmacy and picked up a more expensive pregnancy test (just to be sure). And again - when we got home and I tested, it was positive. We had our first baby, a little boy who we named Ethan, nine months later and we became the proudest parents.

In October 2014 I fell pregnant with my second baby. I remember it was the day after Halloween that I tested. I had felt 'off' again, I'd been drinking more orange juice (something I did a lot of when I was pregnant with Ethan). I felt like my breasts felt heavier, more tingly and the exhaustion had returned. I've never been the best with keeping track of my time of the month's, but I was sure I had missed my period, or I was due on and had had nothing.

Adam was working and so I took Ethan in to town with me with the aim of buying a pregnancy test, we met Adam for lunch and I said nothing to him. If I was pregnant - I wanted it to be a surprise. I didn't want to test, get a positive and then text him at work to tell him our good news and if he'd known that I'd bought the test, I know he would have probably text me to ask about the result.

When I got home, I settled Ethan for his nap and then went straight to the toilet to take the test. It was the best feeling when I saw those two little lines come up - we'd been hoping to be lucky enough to have another child for a few months as we knew that we had really wanted around a two year age gap between our children.

I took a moment to take all of the excitement and overwhelming happiness in and then I got my camera out and recorded how I felt. I wanted to record that moment and keep it forever. I wanted to show Adam and I wanted us to be able to look back on that wonderful moment in our lives. I planned to take Adam out for a surprise meal to his favourite restaurant, I said it was because I was proud of how well is own business was going and he believed me so all three of us went out for dinner that night.

Whilst waiting for our dinner, I passed Adam a card, I'd written earlier, it said how proud I was of him and at the bottom I'd folded up and stuck a post it note on the bottom, it read "P.S. You're going to be a Dad again!". He had no idea - absolutely none. I filmed his reaction and you can really see the happy surprise in his face. It's the sweetest moment and I'm so glad we captured it.

In June 2015, on the very last day of the month, our second Son Logan, was born, two years and two months apart from his big brother. Our family and our hearts grew again.

Our family of four. <3 

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The video I made when I found out I was pregnant with Logan and surprised my Husband with the news. (Only available to watch via computers, not mobile devices due to copyright policies on the music that I originally used):

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  1. A very sweet post! Beautiful photographs! The video of Adam finding out you were expecting again absolutely brought me to tears! Great post!