Our Christmas Home Decor + Plans for The House Next Year

Well here we are less than two weeks away from Christmas and just a few weeks away until we say goodbye to 2016. 2016 has been a great year for us, it's been kind and busy, but busy in all of the right ways. Though I'm still not sure I really can believe that my Christmas tree is sitting lit in our living room right now, I almost feel like Summer was just a few weeks ago. The weeks and months in between just seemed to disappear.

But here we with our home decorated with Christmas trinkets and lights and though I'm not the biggest fan of Winter and the dark long nights, it does feel cosy sitting in front of the TV in the evenings (on the rare nights that I get the chance to).

This year we've got the same tree as we did last year, pretty much with the same baubles. I think next year we might change it up a bit, I'm a big fan of white baubles and decorations on Christmas trees (pretty much because if I could have things my way, I'd have a totally white house) but I think I'd quite like a wider or taller tree. We'll see! Anyway, here are a few photos of or Christmas decor this year. We got ourselves some new festive cushions from Matalan, which I showed in my recent Christmas haul video. Matalan really had some good stuff this year Christmas wise. We spent a fair few coins in there, but I loved everything.

The cat's not a festive decoration, she's around all year! ;)

I got the boys some Santa bowls for throughout December, these where from Matalan this year.

I love having a festive scent in the house around Christmas, I picked this candle up for just £3, again from Matalan.

I thought it would be Logan who we'd have trouble with this year when it came to touching the tree, but no, it's Ethan! Haha!

My cheeky little monkey!

My cheeky little Christmas-jumpered monkey being even cheekier! He pulls some brilliant faces! 

I realised I'd forgotten to get a proper daytime wider picture of the front room, so I've taken this one off of my phone.

I really am such a homely person and I love anything home decor related, I can't believe it wasn't actually too long ago that we had our loft conversion completed. Our new bedroom and ensuite up there are probably my favourite rooms in the house, I think mostly because we got to design them from scratch to our taste and because of how much light is brought in by our VELUX windows, which I love so much. (There's not a lot better than natural light flooding in to our bedroom during the day and then being able to look up at the moon and the stars at night from bed).

Next year as soon as we are in to January, we will be looking at our kitchen and then our back garden. It won't be a surprise to hear that we will be looking at having a white kitchen, I think it will make such a difference to our house. It's the main room in the house, we spend a lot of time in there and it's the first room we walk in to when we come in. I'm so excited for next year and for the finished result. The back garden is also on the list and hopefully it will follow the kitchen quite quickly. I'm one of those people that is quite cautious with money generally, but who loves to spend on investing in the house. I just feel like because we live there everyday and because house prices usually rise with home improvements, it's money well spent.

And so that is what our Christmas decor looks like this year and those are our plans for the house for 2017. It's a little bit weird to think that our home may look very different again by the time I write a Christmas decor post this time next year!

Do you have any home improvement plans that you're excited about for next year?