How to Plan For a Family Day Out This Winter

There’s nothing better during the winter time than going for a crisp stroll through the chilly woodlands of the countryside, and exploring unknown territory with the kids. However, there can still be just as much to plan for with these kinds of days out as with a full holiday, so in today’s post, I’m covering the basics of how to plan a family day out this winter, and give you tips on the essential items you’ll need.

Plan your route well
When going on day trips during the summer, you can afford to get lost a little and just sit down for a rest and a cool drink. In winter though, the temperatures can be painfully low, and the last thing you want is for your little ones to be upset, and you yourself are likely to get frustrated. From the driving route there, to the path you’ll trek through the fields, make sure you have everything mapped out beforehand. I always try to make sure there’s a cafĂ© or at least some toilets along the way. 

Always be prepared
There are plenty of ways that you can stay organised for a winter day trip. Firstly, be sure to buy yourself a high quality, sturdy rucksack to take along for the journey. It needs to be big enough to house spare sets of clothes, thermoses full of hot drinks, snacks for the walk and even a few emergency supplies in case one of you has a fall. I’d also suggest investing in a good hamper and freezer box to keep in the car.

Dress appropriately
What you wear on a winter day out could be the difference between a great family experience and your little ones spending the next few days in bed with an illness from the cold. Buying the right kinds of clothes should be seen as an essential, so head to a reputable retailer like Target Dry for high-quality outdoor wear. Whether it’s all-weather jackets you need for hiking through the hills, or the portable Mac in a Sac raincoats that you can simply fold away and store in your rucksack, they have an excellent selection of waterproofs, including colourful ones for your children.

Think about emergencies
Finally, as I said previously, accidents do occur, but what happens if your car breaks down on your winter road trip somewhere remote? You need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to allow you to stay calm in a crisis, so things like torches, blankets, spare wellington boots, dry snacks, bottles of water and a medical kit are all vital items to keep in your car. Also, always keep a spare phone charger and USB port for the cigarette lighter handy, in case you run out of battery and can’t call for help. Click here for a list of other useful items.

Where are you going on your winter family adventure? Be sure to let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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  1. I wish we had snow this year but I don't think that is going to happen.