Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot Review

I'd always thought of travel cots as being really hard to assemble and perhaps somewhat lazily, I've always previously left that particular task to my Husband whenever we've been away. But that was all before I got my hands on the new Graco Nimble Nook travel cot, which I've found that just like Graco's Modes 3 Lite travel system is in fact actually incredibly easy to put up and to use.

Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review

There's several reasons why I'm a big fan of Graco's Nimble Nook travel cot - I love it's great features, but I also think it looks great too.

Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review

It's suitable from birth - it has a removable bassinet attachment that you can add to it for younger babies up to 9kg, and there is a really lovely toy bar hanging above featuring two stuffed grey stars which your baby can look up at to keep them entertained.

Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review

It also features a two speed vibration unit, which is built in to the travel cot. I love this feature as I know from experience that babies generally feel more calm and relax with some sort of motion or vibration. Ethan loved the motion and vibration of the car as a baby and so does Logan. Logan in particular has always struggled to settle without it, so personally I think this is a perfect addition to a travel cot. Particularly when you think that when a travel cot is generally in use it's mostly when traveling or staying away somewhere other than home. This in itself could be enough to unsettle a baby, so having the soothing vibration could end up being a great comfort to them, potentially meaning a better night sleep for everyone.

Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review
Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review

In travel cot mode the Nimble Nook can be used with children up to 15kg. It's perfect for my Logan who is very nearly a year and a half.

Because of how lightweight and compact it has been made, you can actually move the Nimble Nook between rooms through doorways whilst it is assembled - which makes things a whole lot easier!

I think it would be great for when you need to put your baby somewhere safe where you can see them whilst you shower or for something like that, as not only is it easy to move around the house, but it can be used as a spacious safe play den by adding a few toys to play with in, as well as being used as a place for baby to sleep.

Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot review

When not in use it folds down into a really compact carry bag which makes storing it and taking it away convenient and easy.

At the time of writing this review I can see the Nimble Nook on sale for around £62 over on Amazon and around £80 over on websites like Argos. I definitely think this would be money well spent, especially if you are the sort of family who travel often and want something lightweight and compact that would suit your baby from birth.

I personally really like it, I love that it's so easy to put up and that it can fit through doorways. I also really like the there is a vibration unit built in to it and so I'd happily recommend it!

We were provided the Graco Nimble Nook travel cot for review purposes, however all opinions are entirely our own. You can find out more about the Modes 3 Lite by visiting graco.co.uk.


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  1. We have this travel cot for Piglet and love it. It goes up easily, packs down in minutes and fits back in the bag... Amazing!