Charlie's Kitty 'Kollege' Yearbook

I am stupidly excited about this post! Today I get to express my inner crazy cat-lady and write something just a little bit different. Whiskas cat food have created a campaign called Kitten College to share the joy of cat ownership that cats bring to their owners everyday day via light hearted entertaining pictures and videos of cats and kittens in a mock kitty 'kollege' setting.

My cats are all a bit nuts to be honest, they're such characters, but none more so than Charlie Beans - he is a one of a kind that cat! He is usually found following us to the park like a dog, asleep in a box, ripping up the toilet roll or asleep on the stairs refusing to move to let people go past. The day we brought him home from the rescue centre, he got straight in to the (empty) bath for a snooze and then strolled downstairs and stole a few beans off of my dinner plate (hence Charlie 'Beans').  So here we have my naughty little kitty's 'kollege' yearbook, lets see how he's been getting on...

It wasn't easy convincing Charlie to go to kitty kollege, he tried what he could to get away with going.. He tried hiding in a box, I think he thought he was safe there and that no one could see him, bless him. He tried disguising himself as one of the 'tiny humans' cuddly toys, but he got discovered! He tried hiding in the under stairs cupboard inside of a changing bag and whilst that seemed to be working for a while, it wasn't long before he got rumbled. And lastly he tried his luck hiding in the bathroom, inside the bathroom sink but sadly for him that didn't work out for him either.

The simple fact of the matter was.. Charlie was going to Kitty Kollege and for that, Charlie spent many a day giving his poor Mummy, who only had his best interests at heart, 'the eye'. 

Charlie would often struggle with the early mornings.. getting out of bed was a bit of a problem, especially in the winter..

And he wasn't keen on the uniform much either..

He found all of the homework 'totally boring'.

He struggled initially to make friends with all of the other kitty's, he was a little reluctant, but after some time he settled right in..

Even if he was known for being a bit of a trouble maker!

 Being a lover of the great outdoors, he was in his element during PE.

But the music lessons often sent him straight off to sleep.

Understanding that technology is just a part of the modern age, Charlie applied himself to his IT classes..

But found subjects like Science and Religious Studies immensely boring.. 

But what Charlie really liked was coming home after a long hard day of learning for a chill out on the sofa in front of the TV..

And of course, a snuggle with his favourite person in the world.. his Mummy.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to see your kitty's kollege yearbook, please share any links or photos with me via twitter or Facebook. :) 

This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.



  1. I love it! What a cute cat you have and great photos. x

  2. haha! brilliant pictures :)


  3. Love this. I am cat crazy like you. I could see myself creating something like this with one of my cats.
    Unfortunately he has gone missing two weeks ago. We moved house and were told to leave them in (They are outdoor cats) He hasn't returned since and we had him 7 years. :( We are looking to get a new kitten now because the kids loved playing with him. He was mad but very special. The other cat we have was a stray and she is scared of everything. She only comes out in the evening time when the kids are in bed. xx

  4. Absolutely hilarious and so true! He's a little devil, gave me a bite for trying to get him off the sky box!