The importance of having a good mattress

I’ve often heard about how we should try and make sure that we replace our mattresses every eight years. And seeing how it’s been a long time since we had a change, I’ve been doing some research into why we should do this, and what the differences are between all of the different types that are on the market.

So if you’re confused about what the differences are between pocket sprung and memory mattresses, then read on and see how a good mattress can not only impact your sleeping habits, but even improve your family’s health too!

As we spend about one third of our lives in bed, it’s obviously pretty important that we have a mattress that’s capable of handling our sleeping habits. I’m sure I’m not the only one who moves about a lot in their sleep, and that’s why I’ve been looking at memory foam mattresses as they can quickly adapt to your body’s shape and stop your tossing and turning from interfering with your partner’s sleeping habits!

But despite all of the obvious benefits of memory foam mattresses, there are some people who’ve stated that they can often feel a little too warm compared with other kinds, and that’s why many people swear by pocket spring mattresses.

A quick look at Bedstar’s range shows why it’s thought that we can get more comfort from a pocket sprung mattress as you can get hundreds of individually housed springs that contour to your body shape, and there’s also enough air circulating within the mattress to ensure that you don’t get too stuffy.

Above all, it seems that despite the huge range of mattresses available, there’s nothing like getting a new mattress for improving the quality of sleep. One American study showed how a group of adults enjoyed a massive decrease in things as far-ranging as anxiety and headaches thanks to the change in mattress. This is because old mattresses gradually lose their supportiveness with time, and there are all manner of hygiene reasons as to why we should change our mattresses too!

And although the sleep industry has blossomed overnight into providing us with white noise makers, sleeping aid apps and all manner of weird and wonderful lotions and potions, it still seems that for getting a good night’s sleep, there are few things better than a lovely new pocket sprung mattress!


  1. this is a very interesting read. I am not sure what kind of mattress we have but it will be 8 years old soon.
    We are moving house soon so this might be a good idea to change it. You are always supposed to turn your mattress every week I heard.