My New Radley Harley Backpack

Radley Harley Backpack

I have wanted a nice, non-leather, small (but big enough for all my Mum bits and photography/video things that I carry around) backpack for so long now - it's been on my wish list for ages! And finally - I've found one that I love! 

Radley Harley Backpack 

Since my Harley backpack arrived (in it's very pretty box and packaging) I have not stopped using it! I've used it far more than I thought I was going to. I have bought it out out with me every time I've left the house because I just love how practical it is for me as a Mum. Having a backpack (that isn't bulky and therefore doesn't hurt my back) means I get to have both of my hands free if I'm just popping out and not taking the pushchair with me. And having a three year old and a one year old means I really do benefit from having both hands free! 

Radley Harley Backpack

And I love that it goes with everything I wear. I think that no matter what season we're in or what it is I'm wearing it will always suit. Being black, it matches everything! It's designed so well, I love all of the zip pockets, especially the front zip pocket as that's where I store my phone and small camera for taking video. I keep things like loose change, lipsticks and such in the inner pocket (anything that's small and is mine). 

In the main compartment I switch it up. If I'm not taking the pushchair and I'm with the boys, it's things like nappies, pull ups, wipes, changing mat, snacks (general things you find in a mums bag sort of things) and if I am taking the pushchair I put my big camera in their and other things for me like an umbrella etc, so it's not in with all of the boys things in the changing bag. The great thing with this bag is that it looks quite small, but yet it secretly fits tons inside!

Radley Harley Backpack

And lastly, I just adore the design inside - it's SO pretty and really helps to make this bag as lovely as it is! I am absolutely thrilled with the entire backpack and I will be continuing to use it everyday and throughout Autumn and Winter. 

If you'd like to, you can find out more about this Harley Radley backpack and some of their other bags here.

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Radley provided me with this bag in exchange for a full honest review feature on it. 
All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 



  1. This is so cute! I love the inside of the bag!

  2. Replies
    1. It's so lovely. I especially love the inside. xx

  3. Since my birthday and getting a new camera, I've been looking for the perfect backpack for all the reasons you say. I love the look of this one and I can see how practical it is, as well as being gorgeous too. X

    1. It's definitely my favourite bag. I really really like it! xx

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