5 Things I Missed But Want to Do At Walt Disney World Next Time

Since visiting Walt Disney World for the first back in February this year, I've really not been able to get it out of mind and since the day we came back, Adam and I have talked over and over about going again soon. We've said that we'd like to go back maybe when the boys are four and two, just before Ethan starts proper school (year one) and when I think about it that really isn't very far off. 

I was actually browsing around the aisles of HMV at the weekend and I saw the Now That's What I Call Disney CD on sale (which is on my Christmas list!) and it made me start thinking about some of the things that I missed first time around at Disney World that when we go back I hope to be able to do or get to see. Here are five things that make the top of my list..

1. Visit during the Halloween season. The halloween decor and Halloween events on at Disney World during this season look absolutely amazing! I keep looking at Disney photos on Instagram as it's the Halloween season there at the moment and I have a serious case of fomo! I love Halloween and I can't think of a better way of spending it than at Disney. The only issue is, Ethan would have started year one of proper school if we went in September/October of the year we are looking to go back, as otherwise it would have to be in a years time and I don't know if that's too soon! 

2. Dine at the Beast's castle. I missed out on visiting the Be Our Guest restaurant last time I went because it's so so popular! I've heard that you should try and book it a year in advance which seems crazy! But it looks absolutely amazing and Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film, so I really hope to be able to visit there next time we go. 

3. Spend far longer in Animal Kingdom. We didn't get to spend much time at Animal Kingdom when we went, we had a very fun but very packed itinerary in seven days and it was impossible to fit it all in and so Animal Kingdom got left out a bit. It looked absolutely amazing though and one of my favourite things at Disney World was watching The Festival Of the Lion King show there, so I know I would love to spend longer in Animal Kingdom next time. 

4. Go Around The World at Epcot. We again didn't get time to take a walk around the different countries and try some food or a drink from each of them at the World Showcase in Epcot the last time we went. I know I'd love this so this is definitely on my list for next time! 

5. Get to see the Fantasmic! Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I was sad that we didn't make it to see Fantasmic! last time because it looks awesome! Apparently it has pyrotechnics, laser lights and dancing water during the show which is on at night I really need to make sure I get to it next time!

And so those are my top five things I want to do when we go back. If you've been to Disney what things would you want to do when/if you go back?

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  1. Twilight tower of terror and space mountain! Also see the Macy's Christmas parade, as my sister and I always loved spending Christmas at Disney world for the parades! We are Disney fanatics in our household and it would be lovely to take my son there one day!

  2. There is just SO much to to at Disney isn't there? We are not planning to go to Disney World for a few more years yet (I think probably in four years would be a good time, with a 10 year old, 7 yr old and 4 year old), but I'm already thinking about how we would plan it. I like the sound of the deal that's out at the moment where you get 14 days park entry for the price of 7 - because I think you probably need that long to do it all properly without exhausting yourself!

  3. Those must be amazing places you missed there. Fun and lovely to have an adventure in disney land. www.buheri.com

  4. I have only ever been to Disneyland Paris. We are planning to go there in maybe 2 or 3 years time when Matthew is old enough to do most of the rides. I really want to go to the Disney World one after that then. So much to do... you need probably 2 weeks.

  5. Be our Guest Restaurant is amazing and we dined there back in 2013 not long after it opened. If you stay in a Disney hotel you can book from 180 days before which we did. And around the world at Epcot is one of my favourite things to do at Disney. You need to stop and have a drink in each country and take in the atmosphere. That's the thing about Disney, you always find new things to do each time you visit x