Breaking Barriers

Did you know that for one of the first times in history we are about to see the number of our senior generation surpass that of the youth, with those 65 and over making up to 15.6 of the global population by 2050! 

It's advances in health care and standards of living that have improved the length of life for older generations, but despite this there does sometimes seem to be an element of society still casting off the elderly as incapable or unable to learn new skills. 

Bathing Solutions are currently running a really great, thought-provoking campaign called #BreakingBarriers which aims to break this stigma and encourages us to help the older generation feel inspired to learn new skills such as photography, Pilate's, learning a new language, cooking or even how to start a blog (just imagine how much they'd have to write about!).

Over on the campaign page there's even information about local community courses where new skills can be learnt, with links on how to find your nearest class. There's also inspiring news stories to read such as articles that prove you're never too young (or old) to succeed.

There's also the opportunity to watch their powerful, thought-provoking campaign video, which I've also embedded below. I love watching videos like this one - ones that make you stop and think and open up your mind a little.

It makes me sad to think of anyone being cast aside, especially someone who has lived a long life and may now be vulnerable and in need of an element of socialisation and perhaps something to keep their mind occupied. So please, if you think you might know somebody that this may well benefit, please do head over to the #BreakingBarriers campaign page and recommend it to them. 

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  1. Really lovely ideas and thoughts, its so true though. And the older generation have the most time to learn these things!

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