Product Feature: The YippieYo Crossbuggy

I was recently contacted by new start-up company called YippieYo who thought I might be interested in their new product the YippieYo Crossbuggy, a product made by a renowned German engineering company which won the German innovation award in 2015 and has received top test reports. 

Their product isn't something I've ever really seen before and I think it's a cool concept for parents with children who are able to walk, yet get tired easily. Ethan is one of those children, he loves being outside and exploring (as we all do as a family) but with his little legs he gets tired really quickly. He usually shuns Logan's spot in the pram when we offer it to him, but I think he'd find this sort of thing quite fun and a bit of a novelty! 

I've not got one myself but I have agreed to share a sort of product feature for the company here on my blog to help them get their product out there a little more. :) So, here's a little bit of information about the YippieYo Crossbuggy from the company behind it..

The YippieYo is a brand-new high-quality off-road buggy for two children aged from one to six. It's design combines the stroller and a cart and is specifically for outdoor and off road use.

It's aluminium chassis is the foundation for the all-terrain buggy and is what makes the buggy light, yet very robust and it's the single axle, special suspension system and off-road, no-maintenance tyres that make it the ideal vehicle for active families with young children. When not in use, the YippieYo can be easily and compactly folded together and stowed in the boot of your car.

Unlike standard buggies, the YippieYo is pulled rather than pushed. The pulling function means that obstacles such as stones, rough terrain or even sand or snow pose no problems at all - no route is too long or too tough. 

Whether you are in the mountains, at the seaside or in the city, YippieYo provides comfort for its passengers. Together with ample luggage space, ease of manoeuvrability and the assurance of safety, YippieYo raises the bar when it comes to innovative ways for active families to transport their little ones. 

YippieYo Crossbuggy quality features 

  • Includes storage space for bags
  • 12kg when empty
  • Fits through all standard doorways 
  • You can customise the over, classes and wheels to suit your taste
  • It has a five-point safety harness system
  • It's quick to transport 1. Collapse the backrest and fold in the pull-bar. 2. Remove the wheels using the quick-release mechanism. 
  • Solid disc wheels and anti-tip mechanism for even more safety. 
  • Tested in accordance with the strict European Standard for Pushchairs and Prams (EN 1888)

For more information about the YippieYo Crossbuggy head over to www.yippieyo.com.

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Advertorial product feature post. 

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