Our Sanctuary, Emotional Pick me ups and Jinko Baby

I do think that I spend far too may of my days racing around and feeling like I have my head on a constant spin inside of a washing machine or a tumble dryer. But then that's perfectly normal when you're a Mummy to two very little ones I suppose. 

Ever since our new bedroom in our loft conversion was pretty much finished I have loved having it as somewhere I can go for a little escape every now and again. It's such a bright, light room and knowing that it's just for Adam and I makes it feel like our very own little sanctuary - in fact that's what we call it now. 

jinkowood, jinkobaby

Recently I discovered the brand Jinkowood and Jinkobaby after the lady (Marisa) who launched it dropped me a really lovely email. She's an animal welfare advisor, a vegan and a big believer in business having a social conscience. After exchanging emails she kindly sent me their Due Date oil and their Mummy recharge candle. 

When they arrived both were packaged beautifully, which always goes a long way in terms of first impressions. But it was when I opened the packaging that I was truly impressed. The Mummy recharge candle has since become my absolute favourite candle ever and I really do mean ever. I've got it burning in front of me now; it's been burning all day long and my house still smells like the amazing scents you smell at somewhere like a spa. It is the most beautiful, calming, relaxing scent I've ever smelt. I can't stop burning it, but on the other hand I really don't want to burn it too fast. The packaging says that the aromatic qualities of the ayurvedic oud oil are believed to invoke a feeling of inner peace & harmony - and that's not wrong, it's seriously amazing

jinkowood, jinkobaby

After being blown away by how much I loved the candle I was excited to try the Due Date oil and as soon as I did, I loved it just as much! I can't stop rubbing it on myself - it smells amazing and again, is so calming! It contains clergy sage, known for it's effects on muscle cramps and spasms and used invariably against diseases like rheumatism. It also contains peppermint oil known for easing muscle tension and oud and jasmine oil for its emotional uplift as well as coconut oil for its full body skin nourishment. 

jinkowood, jinkobaby

These two products together are absolutely amazing and are the perfect emotional pick me up. I literally feel like I've been at a spa after having 10 minutes of 'me time' using them. One of the best things has got to be having a back rub (with love from my lovely Husband) with the oil and having the candle burning at the same time. I get so tense with my back pain and my muscles always cramp up, this helps me relax so much and is just honestly utter BLISS. So much so that the rest of the products are now firmly on my birthday wish list. If you don't know what to get a friend who's expecting a baby or has just had a baby, check out Jinkowood.

jinkowood, jinkobaby

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