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If you regularly read my blog you may have noticed that I've been a little quiet lately. This is very much due to the house renovations we are currently having done, coupled with the fact that both of my boys have had chicken pox and Logan's cutting his first tooth! So for now I've got a few guest posts that I'm going to be sharing and as we are now nearing the end of the conversion and redecorating, I'm hoping to start getting back in to my usual work and blogging routine! Here's todays guest post all about some of the essential things that make up a Mummy's bag! 

The anatomy of a mummy bag grows and changes as much as the little ones do. Which gives us some hope that one day we may have a bag free from sticky fingers and snotty tissues, and relish once more in being able to dive our hand inside without the fear of some emulsified foodie leftovers. 

Thankfully as they get older we can leave the kitchen sink at home and reclaim some of our own space, even swapping the garish baby changing bag for one which can actually go with our outfit and even be of our own liking without the fear that it will get ruined. So if you’ve been thinking of bringing your bag back to life these tips should help you to scale down on the plethora of products you’ve been carrying around since day one. This isn’t just about what the little ones need, it’s time to take back some of your space with items that will keep you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the world. 

Beauty Bits 

It may seem alien to put your beauty as a priority, but I’m not talking about adding an entire Boots counter here, just a few essentials that can make you feel fabulous whilst out and about. After all, you still want to feel like YOU rather than just mummy. 

  • Tinted Lip Balms; Perfect for enhancing that pout without the fear of toddler kissed smears ruining your lipstick. 
  • Sample Perfumes; Collect the sample testers of perfumes as these are not only handbag friendly sizes, but they’ll also reduce the risk of having any breakables in your bag that can result in a rather overwhelmingly scented bag. Pop along to your local Perfume shop where best of all, most of them should be free! 
  • Dry Shampoo; A true saviour for days when the little ones simply won’t leave your side, spray on the go and you can still look like you’re owning the day. Plus there are now some surprising ways to use dry shampoo so even if you’ve been given 5 minutes to brush your hair, the world will never know! 

In case of Emergency 

When you’re out having a great time with your tot the last thing you want to feel is stranded if tantrums appear. In fact, it’s a daunting prospect that most of us wish to avoid at all possible costs. 

Planning is something as a parent you become quickly skilled at, but these items will ensure that even when things go sour you have a backup plan to get you home safely. 

  • Phone Charger; Our phones have become a lifeline in children’s entertainment, and enabling us to get around without a map. But if they die on us it can feel as though our right arms been removed. If you don’t want to risk carrying around your phone charger equip your bag with a power bank such as these, that can give your phone it’s power back without be tidied to a wall. 
  • Cash & Change; Whilst most places may now provide contactless payment, we all know that technology can be temperamental at the best of times. Rather than rely on your piece of plastic to see you through the day, always have some emergency coins and cash on you for those ‘just-in-case’ moments. For example, I don’t know an ice cream van that is yet to install contactless. 

Sanity Saviours 

Despite all of our best efforts there are just some days out when it feels the little ones will do anything to push our buttons. This is even more so as they become older and start to gain their independence and make you fully aware of what they like and dislike. But don’t let these frustrating situations leaving you feeling fraught and stressed, instead tackle them with these essentials and you’ll feel cool, calm and collected no matter the curve ball they throw at you. 

  • Rescue Remedy; As it’s best to avoid painkillers in a child friendly bag, rescue remedy is a herbal option to tackle any anxieties or stress chemicals raging around your body. Just a few sprays and some deep breaths can give you a little pick me up when required. 
  • Food; Be a sweet treat that you can share with your tot when the going gets tough, or a healthy snack that will give you that boost of energy. Walking out the house snack-free is a dangerous parent manoeuvre. There are now a number of low sugar alternatives such as Bear Nibbles, which can help you keep their health on track no matter where you decide to venture to. 

This is by no means a complete checklist for everything you should carry, because let’s face it, we’re all well accustomed to carrying around enough wipes to clear up more children than our own, more sanitiser than is probably healthy and enough plasters to fix a sinking ship. Just don’t forget that your needs matter as well. 

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