Home made drawings, doodles and cards

I think I know that I am that Mum who will never want to throw any of her children's art work away. I know it might be a little too early to say that being that my eldest is only three. But at the moment, nothing makes me feel as proud as when Ethan bounces through the door after his Daddy has picked him up from nursery, with some sort of creation. It can be a squiggle on a piece of paper that is supposed to be Me or a cardboard tube with a few bits of glitter on.. whatever it is - if my baby is proud then so am I.

They'll likely not be enough kitchen cupboard space for all the of the things I am going to want to display, from awards to hand prints to actual pictures of actual people like these adorable children's celebrity drawings that SunLife have turned in to a fun quiz. I think you can tell so much about how children see the world and the people in it just by their drawings and their doodles. 

It's hard to believe that some of those celebrity drawings were drawn by 4 year olds - children only a year older than my Ethan is. It makes me excited for the moment he sits down and draws our family and then proudly rushes over to show me. It's moments like that I think make up the magic of being a parent and a family. 

I remember spending lots of my own childhood colouring in colouring books and drawing pictures. My Mum used to get my brother and I a magazine called Art Magic every week (does anyone remember that?) and we loved learning to draw new things. I remember always making my Mum home made cards for different occasions - they were always really soppy and generally were about how much I loved her. I even made her cards when I'd done something wrong - I'd sit there pouring my heart in to this little card about how very sorry I was. ;)

Home made cards are the best though right?! Nothing can beat a card on an occasion that's been made with love from your little one. It's the same as little pieces of artwork.. there's a beautiful, real sentiment to things our little ones make for us, which I think is just as beautiful as the pride on their faces when they go to give us their little creations. 

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  1. Ahhh, I love when J brings home his creations from nursery! We have a huge box full now :)

  2. Aww so sweet! I love his handprint calendar- it's fab! I also love it when F brings home a bit of artwork from nursery. We save them all and keep them in a little file in our filing cabinet. Some of them go on the fridge too and we rotate them when he brings another new one home. I just wish he'd want to do more art work with me at home! lovely post Alex xx