Our Loft Conversion: The Stairs are in! - An Update

Excitingly, we're currently in the middle of getting our attic/loft converted into a new bedroom for us that will also have an en-suite shower and toilet. Work started just over two weeks ago and it seems to have gone up so quickly! The dormer on the back went up really fast and today our stairs were put in and we can now walk up into our new attic space!

I can't describe how exciting it is to have another flight of stairs in our home and to casually be able to walk up them. Coming back down again is the strangest feeling - my brain tells me I'm at the bottom of the house, but I'm not - I'm at what was once the top! It's going to take some getting to use to, but in a good way - it's so exciting knowing that we have another storey to our home now. Work is no-where near complete when it comes to decorating etc, but our house now feels so much more bigger and it's really changed the entire feel of our home already. 

Our velux windows are in and I love them - they spin all the way around so that we can clean the outside. I love how much light they bring in - I think once the whole conversion and decorating has finished, our new bedroom is going to be the ultimate place for us to go and relax. 

To show you the progress so far I've added in a few pictures and I've also shared a little video that Adam kindly filmed for me too. If you'd like to see what our attic looked like before any work started, you can watch this video: Our Attic Conversion: The BEFORE. 

We come up the new stairs on the top right hand side of this picture. The window on the right of this photo is for our mini 'landing'.

One of our velux windows. 

This is our new dormer.. where the pipes are is where our en-suite is going to be. 

Looking back down the stairs to the second floor. 

Underneath our velux windows we will have a big storage cupboard that will run along the wall. 

The new stairs go through the corner of our current bedroom (which will soon be our new study), but this will be boxed in and doesn't really affect anything. 

For the sake of passing fire regulations we are having to have a partition built between our living room and kitchen to seperate the kitchen from the stairs, it's not something we wanted done but we know it is worth it for the new space the conversion will bring. (Look at that dust!) 

Obviously there's work still to be done to the partition but this is what it looks like at the moment.

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  1. Exciting times, it's going to look wonderful once it is all finished

    1. We can't wait to see it all finished. Really looking forward to it. x

  2. How exciting! We are wanting to do this in the next year or so too! My partner is so excited haha. The only gutted thing I know we will have to do is change all of our doors upstairs and downstairs for health and safety! But I think I am looking forward to some fresh white doors instead of old fashioned wooden once xx

    1. Yeah you have to have all fire doors put in, ours are all getting replaced but they should be quite similar to the ones we have now. xx

  3. Oh it looks amazing!! My sister recently did something similar and her new upstairs feels so spacious and light - definitely worth the dust!!

  4. Adam is fab on camera Alex! Though you should have demanded a walking in wardrobe ha x

  5. How exciting! I'd love to do something like this. Can't wait to see the progress xx

  6. Oh wow. I'm not sure I knew you were having a loft conversion. It looks amazing already and I can't wait to see the finished space! x