The Internet is incredible. It's full of unlimited opportunities and more knowledge than could ever be accounted for. It's changed and is still changing lives. Like it or not, it's part of our present and will be a part of our future. 

And that's exciting, especially for a blogger like myself. Blogging is my hobby and it's also my job. I spend a great deal of time online and in my three years of blogging, I've seen so many good things come out of the Internet. The ability to reach countless amounts of people, to form friendships, to share advice, insight, knowledge, the ability to learn, to improve yourself, to find or create a job - the Internet has always seemed like such an amazing place full of so much hope. 

But lately, I find myself virtually surrounded by a lot more negativity than maybe I've ever seen before. I stopped reading the news app I used to read a while ago, it was always doom and gloom and I didn't want to start my day off like that. But it seems that the doom and gloom bug may be catching as it seems to have spread. I'm noticing more and more negativity when it comes to things like social media and such. Some of my  Facebook time line almost seems to be perhaps being affected by the current grey British weather. I'm seeing lots of criticisms, judgements, comparisons and I'm wondering where all the usual happy faces are hiding? 

I've seen the word 'fake' being thrown around when it comes to describing people who mostly seem to be happy on the Internet. "Nobody is happy and grateful all the time" is something else I've seen. And both of these things I've sat and shook my head at.. I've shook my head because to the person/people who think this - you're wrong. 

Everyone has bad days. Us parents know that better than anyone else. But having bad days doesn't mean we're all unhappy or not grateful. In fact, today Ethan threw the entire amount of Lego that was in his Lego tub around my kitchen, he turned his dinner upside down which went all over the floor, he then went on to throw things down the stairs after being told not to. He then tipped a pen pot out and refused to do anything I asked of him for the remainder of the day. Was I stressed? Yes. Was I annoyed? Yes. But would I have said that a bit of a bad day made feel unhappy? No. Do I feel any less grateful for my boys and for my family and our life? No. 

Do I want to come on here and dedicate an entire blog post to what has stressed me out today? No I really don't. I want to pick myself up, brush myself off and know that tomorrow is a new day. This little blog of mine is my space on the web to be myself and myself is a gushy, emotional, happy, totally and utterly grateful for every single good thing in the world person. I get that some people want to read posts about how other parents have bad days too and of course I get that some people want to share their bad days with others. If it helps you to feel better than why shouldn't you. Everyone has a different approach to blogging and what they love to share. But personally I don't really want to write about my bad days - I'm all up for forgetting them as soon as I humanely can. 

As a blogger and as a reader, I love nothing more than to come online and see Mums and Dads pouring their hearts out about how much they love their children, despite any challenging phases or days. I love seeing all of the beautiful photos of families. There are reasons why I want to surround myself in as much positivity as I can, but ultimately, I think it's just personal. It's just what I like. Happiness makes me feel happy. Positivity inspires me. We're all different though and it's fine that some people don't want to come online and read the gushy stuff, they'd rather read about someones hard day. And whilst that is of course totally fine, I think it's totally unfair for some people to label those that choose to perhaps share a majority of happy moments and laugh off the tougher days, as fake. 

For me, I choose to blog about happiness and gush about being grateful because this is my virtual scrapbook, mine and my families memory box. Right now I love to sit and reflect on what's good in our lives, I like to take the opportunity when things are calm to sit and be thankful and my blog helps me with that. And then one day when I'm a lot older and maybe when my boys are off creating their own happy families, I want to dust of this blog and remember all of the best moments of our lives. Happiness should never be taken for granted - if anything, that's something I actually feel I really do have the experience to know about. 

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  1. This is a lovely post Alex — and I agree. Very often, people that are negative are probably just jealous. Those that are happy in their own skin are very often delighted by life — and also happy to see others succeed. If more folk were like this, the world would be a happier place :)

    1. I love this comment! Thank you. I agree with you. Happiness and kindness really needs to celebrated and passed around a lot more. xx

  2. i love this post Alex. I couldn't have said it better myself. Happiness needs to be spread and I am like you I like to write about the moments that bring me the most happiness. Beautifully written x

  3. A really lovely post Alex. I've seen so much judging recently. Nobody should be labelled for the way they choose to do something. A lovely read, and I really find your blog such a lovely positive pick me up! Very well said :) x

  4. Beautiful post. I couldn't agree more. Let's celebrate happiness, who doesn't want to be happy! X

  5. I have that saying on a wood sign and have it hanging in my office
    xo Michelle

  6. Such a perfect post and I couldnt agree more! Life is what you make it and im sorry but if you want to be miserable go sit in a corner somewhere while i have fun! ;)

  7. Such a beautiful post! I tend to stick to writing the happy things, because they're the bits I want to remember and the things I want to share although sometimes it's not my reality. I think it's important to remember to be happy and grateful for what you've got - especially after a challenging day! xx

  8. Love love love love love love love love love love love this post Alex- that is all! xx