Logans Sleep Routine With JOHNSON'S

Logan is a good sleeper, but he is very particular about how he goes to sleep. He likes to be put down for a sleep in a certain way. He has to have Bunny next to his head, whom he snuggles his face into. He has to have a dummy and he generally likes to be rocked in his Snuzpod, though we have been trying to get him more used to not being rocked as much to prepare him for when he goes in to his cot in his own room in the next few months. He's a bit of a fighter when it comes to sleep - he get's so frustrated when he's tired and sometimes that's when he'll cry the most and he'll often shake his head to wake himself up just as he's drifting off. 

Despite this, he has a good routine and he generally sleeps through the night. We don't get up with him to give him milk during the night which we feel very grateful about. He does stir a little when we first put him down for his bedtime sleep. He'll maybe stir 2-3 times, but usually settles straight off when we give him his dummy again or go up and re-settle him. 

The reason I'm writing about Logans sleep routine and habits is because I'm excitingly going to be taking part in a bit of a test with JOHNSON’S and their 3-step clinically proven routine which involves using JOHNSON’S Bedtime Bath, Wash, Lotion and Oil and also reading a book called 'Good Night Sarah'. It's a three step routine which involves bath, massage and then quiet time and I am going to be comparing one week of our normal bedtime routine versus a week of following the JOHNSON’S 3-step bedtime routine to see if and how things differ. I'm excited to see the results and I will of course be sharing them here on my blog! So watch this space for our results and to see how we get on!


This is part of a collaborative blog post by the JOHNSON’S® brand.  I have received payment incentive and samples but all opinions are my own. JOHNSON’S® clinically proven bedtime routine consists of bath, massage and quiet time, tested on babies 7 months+, 1 week+ use.