Reusable Baby Food Pouches by Squiz

I never even knew reusable baby food pouches were even a thing. But, I've learned recently they very much are! And the ones that we've been testing come in the form of little character pouches which go by the company name of Squiz

They're honestly such clever, handy little things and I'm really pleased that they've been introduced to us. I personally find using pouches much easier than using things like jars or pots. I think it's such a great idea that parents who have home cooked for their children or babies are able to simply and easily through a double zipper sealing system at the base of the pouch, fill their Squiz pouch up ready for their baby or child to eat on-the-go!

Squiz has been designed to make parents lives easier - a single pouch can be used to store, reheat, transport and eat. On the pouch there's space to write names and dates and a transparent window to see what's inside. They can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher (though Squiz recommend hand-washing to extend the life of the pouch) and I've been advised that the average amount of times the pouch can be reused is around 50. 

Personally, I think they're a really clever idea. Like I said above, I find pouches much more convenient than things like jars and they're also much easier to carry around than jars are. I also like that older children can use these too, I think its a fun way of getting healthy food in to them. The packaging is fun and I like the bright colours. I think these sorts of reusable pouches will probably go on to become more and more popular and present in the lives of parents for their children when on the go. 

Squiz comes in two sizes, 130ml and 90ml. For more details please visit: www.squiz.co / littlesaints.co.uk.



  1. Instead of wasting any products we should make it in use; here also we have found a good example on reusable of baby food pouches. Definitely a great approach towards recycling process and also suitable for our baby when those products are being used further.