Veggie-Friendly Meals For My Nearly 7 Month Old

It feels a little strange writing that I have a nearly 7 month old.. I feel like Logan was only just born, but here we are at nearly 7 months.. already! 

He's doing really well with his weaning and we are just moving him up to stage 2 when it comes to baby foods. I tend to use a lot of jars and sachets when it comes to his meals, mostly for ease. I have no problem in admitting that as a Mum of a two year old and a nearly 7 month old and in between earning money to pay the bills - time isn't really something that I have a lot of. I'm happy with the contents of baby food jars and I personally don't see why I wouldn't use them. 

With that said, I am raising vegetarian children and we seem to have hit a stage with this second stage of Logans weaning, like we did with Ethan, where I'm finding that there really isn't a lot of variety for the veggie babies out there! There seems to be a lot of pasta/spaghetti options in the jars and then there some better looking options in the sachets from brands like Ella's Kitchen who offer baby meals containing lentils and such. The problem is, is that these sachets priced around £1.20/30 each are a little on the pricey side! 

And so I've started doing my research and have been spending some time browsing the web for some meat-less baby meal ideas for my littlest man. I've started a board on Pinterest called Baby First Foods, it only has 4 pins on it right now, but I shall be growing it over the next few weeks as I begin to pin more of my favourite baby meal ideas.

Today I had a go at two very simple little recipes that I found over on the website Made for Mums. I made Logan this spinach and roasted carrot puree and this courgette, pea and kale puree. I haven't had a chance to see what Logan thinks of them yet as he's currently with his brother at his Grandmas after staying over last night. (His first time away overnight from his Mum and Dad! More on that soon). But I'm hoping that he'll like them or at least find them acceptable to eat! I added a little grated cheese to both of these meals to bulk them up a little and also because cheese is good for us veggies. :) 

I'm trying to get back in to the swing of YouTube, after having a little, or a lot of time off over Christmas, so I made this little video to go with this post. Please do excuse the quality - my favourite vlogging camera is broken and so I had to make do with the front screen of my iPhone (I know!!).. But my G7X is at the shop hopefully being repaired so I'm hoping it won't be too much longer. :)


  1. Quinn is 6 months today and we will be doing baby lead weaning for the same reason... Time! No way do I have time to make up baby puree every day! She isn't really that interested yet but has sucked some pieces of steamed carrot, some cabbage leaves, a few beans, pepper etc depending on what we are chopping up and putting in our dinner. We are vegan though so totally feel you on the lack of options and thats another reason I avoid baby food sachets, its so hard to find a good variety of vegan options! I'm glad Logan is enjoying exploring food and fingers crossed he enjoys your recipes!

    1. We did BLW for the same reason, I couldn't be doing with making purees and freezing. That way she ate what we did from the start (obviously adapted to start with) and it took no extra time or cooking.