A Look at the New Parenting App: Lyfeline Milestones

Lyfeline Milestones is a parenting app which was launched just a couple of months ago following beta testing with over ten thousand users. The app enables parents with children aged 0 - 5 years old, to analyse and track their child's development through their smart phone (or iPad). The app combines data analytics with actionable insights to help parents track their child development using a similar assessment used by paediatricians and it starts with a simple assessment. 

What I like about this app, is that it's not just all about assessments and comparing children, because honestly, as a Mum of two, I know myself that all children grow and develop their different skills all at different ages and stages of their lives. Ethan for example, was a late speaker. I'd worried about his speech after seeing other children his age speaking in near sentences whilst he was struggling with the one word. But in his own time, he caught up and now I have no concerns at all. 

What is good about the Lyfeline Milestones app is that whilst it assesses, it is also designed to help improve children's development. They have created a library of specialised activities and information that parents can use to help encourage their children. It offers and suggests lots of useful advice and activities to help encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills as well as language, social.

I like that this is an app which you can take what ever you want from it - whether that's assessing your baby/childs developmental progress, finding new ways to improve their development, tracking their progress, or all three. I personally like the suggestions of different activities, even if it's not for seeing where they are at developmentally, but for finding new activities and ways to have fun with your little ones.

You can download Lyfeline Milestones 'lite' for free. The full-app use requires Monthly Subscription. You can read more about this app at: www.Lyfeline.co.


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  1. This very interesting, Alex. Seems like a good idea, but a bit scary if your little ones are not developing as fast as others. My two girls are quite bright but I worry that the younger one, Chloe, is not very good at her building blocks. She gets bored quickly and knocks them in a fit of temper...oh dear!!