My Most Used FREE-To-Use Websites That I Use For Blogging

If you are new to blogging or if you are thinking about starting up a blog. I hope that this will be of some use to you. These are some of the websites that I use in conjunction with my own for the purposes of blogging. 

1. Buffer -  When I remember and when I have time I use Buffer to schedule tweets and facebook posts sharing the current weeks blog posts. It's incredibly simple to do and saves a lot of time because it means I don't always have to be online sharing via social media. It's great for the days when I'm having a day off or a day out. You only pay a fee if you upgrade, which allows you to schedule more tweets/posts, but I haven't upgraded myself as I find the free version to be enough for me.  

2. PicMonkey - I think this is a favourite of most bloggers. PicMonkey allows you to create your own images as well as edit existing ones. It has tons of tools and fonts readily available for use and using it is so incredibly easy and simple. You pay a fee only if you upgrade. I haven't felt the need to upgrade myself, but I think if you do, it allows you to get your hands on more fonts and such. 

3. VisualHunt - VisualHunt has more than 15,000 free public domain photos. They manually choose high quality images and add tags to them. You can search and filter photos by colours, which is very handy and you can also browse by images that are currently popular. You can save favourite photos straight to lightbox (after signing up) and there's also the possibility to embed photos without downloading. This is a fantastic website to use for when you'd prefer to use a stock image rather than one of your own. 

4. Bloglovin' - I use Bloglovin' to read other  blogs. I think it's a great blog reader site and I like that you can save your favourite posts into different categories. It makes it so easy to find them again even months/years later. 

5. SEO Review Tools - I use this to keep tracks of both my sites website authority - it tells me both my page authority and my domain authority. These are useful to know especially when working with brands. There may well be better websites out there for more in-depth checks in to this sort of thing, but this is the one I generally tend to use. 

If you're a blogger, what are your favourite websites to use in conjunction with your own blog?  


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