New Things to Look Forward to

I'm blogging from our MacBook tonight, I usually blog from the iMac, but Adam has a new playstation game and so I'm on the sofa next to him, watching him shoot at some sort of space creatures. I was browsing our iPhoto library looking for a picture to go with this post when I came across this one.. I can't believe how young Ethan looks and I also can't believe that the picture is over a year old..! I have the same clothes and actually, so does Ethan - they still fit him. I think I might have to re-create this, but with Logan in the picture too!

Anyway, I wanted to blog because I'm feeling great about two particular things from this week that we have to look forward to. The first being that fibre broadband is now available in our village - basically Christmas just came early! I am going to get so much more done in so much less time. (Goodbye forever-loading web pages and constantly-buffering videos). 

I phoned Sky as soon as we realised we could get fibre - I'd been meaning to for a while as our bill had seemed excessively high for what we we were actually getting. The man I spoke to was lovely, really chatty and friendly and he reduced our bill by a substantial amount which of course, was rather nice! The fibre's all booked in and we can't wait. It's ridiculous how excited Adam and I both are. We were like children on Christmas day the moment we realised fibre had become available for our area.

The second thing that has made me feel extra great this week is that Adam and I have finally decided to put plans for the loft conversion into place. After much browsing of the web and reading online reviews earlier this year, we found a loft conversion company who seemed best suited for the job. They don't work out the cheapest, but we've actually seen their work in the flesh, after visiting the home of one of their previous clients to take a look at their loft conversion, and we were really impressed. The couple whose home we visited also gave a glowing review of the company, which obviously installed confidence in us. Using the Internet, it's so easy these days to find reviews from real people who've experienced a service or a product. We use it for everything from finding people for work we need done to the house, to finding online reviews for holidays and restaurants and even to find good films! Whatever you can think of, I think there's generally an online review available. Which makes huge decisions like this one, a whole lot easier!

Because it is a big decision, deciding to permanently change our home, but it's not one we've taken lightly. We've thought and thought about it and we feel it is right for us. We need the extra room as well as wishing for an extra bathroom now that our family has grown. We're nervous, but we're also super excited. We want to change so much in our house, but we've been patiently waiting knowing that the conversion must come first as a matter of priority. We're in talks with our chosen company for March next year and all of a sudden March now seems so scarily close. It's funny because looking around our house, I think I can picture it already.



  1. Wow how exciting on the loft conversion and what a big decision! You will not regret it - making your home bigger and more practical for your family is a superb idea. Oh and hurrah for a faster internet connection!! YAY!!! xx

  2. Oh how exciting :)! We want to extend our kitchen to do an open kitchen dinner and we also want to turn our attic into another bedroom! One day hopefully :) That photo of you and Ethan is lovely :) Lovely when you come across old photos isn't it. x

  3. Sounds great! Can't wait to see the finished loft conversion! We really want fibre optic broadband, our current broadband is so slow! Our bill is also pretty high for what we have and it feels like it's always going up! And our sky box is going wrong. Will have to get the bf to ring them up and try and sort it all out!

    Anna - http://annasreflection.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Ah Alex I'm so excited for you, I wish we had fibre broadband!

    We are just about to start on our bathroom, before Christmas (Call us crazy) we are excited to have nearly completed our home after a couple of years of constant work. I can't wait to hear all about your project and follow your journey!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube