New Office/Study Wish List

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White sliding wardrobes | Copper desk lamp | Eames inspired chair | Geometric pillow | Hex sport | Abstract wall art | Triangle print

Whilst we are still in the process of saving for the work we're intending to have done to our house, the time that we're going to need to start booking it all in is drawing closer. With Logan now nearly five months, there will come a time in the next few months or so that he's going to need to move to a cot and into his own bedroom.

If the planned conversion can go ahead as we intend it to, what is now our office/study will become Logans bedroom and our current bedroom would become our office/study. With the attic conversion becoming our new bedroom. If it all goes to plan, it would give us an extra room for Logan, a second shower/toilet and a bigger study/office.

When your having as much work to your house as we are intending, you know it's going to be stressful. The fact that we both work from home and have both a toddler and a very young baby is going to make it probably near impossible I'm sure. So I'm starting to gather ideas using two sites I love for this sort of thing - Pinterest and Wantfeed.

I'm such a fan of the wood and white together look, it's my absolute favourite and it's something we intend to use throughout our house once we get started. I love using white with a bit of black for contrast, so we'll probably be going for black frames like these from etsy. I don't want the rooms to be totally neutral so I'm going to try and introduce a splash of colour into them too. I've added a wardrobe in to my study/office wish list is because we're going to need somewhere to store all of Adams stock. If you've watched my every day life vlogs over on my YouTube channel then you'll that at the moment all of his masses of stock is stacked on top of each other, totally on show, it looks so messy! I think that something just like the above white sliding wardrobes (these are from i-wardrobes) would be ideal for storing everything in, keeping it nice and tucked away to keep the room looking clean and simple, yet keeping his stock completely accessible. 

Next year is going to be an exciting, but nerve racking time. We've got so much to decide on and so many places to look to find inspiration. I'm trying to gather and bookmark as many online stores that I can that suit our taste, so that when we do go to make final decisions we can browse a lot more time-efficiently. So please do share any of your own favourite home/home decor stores with me in the comment section below. I will be very very grateful! 


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