Leaving The House, The Park and New Raincoats

Being a Mama to toddler and a very young baby, I sometimes feel like I rarely leave the house. It's so much harder to leave the house with a young baby. I feel like to leave the house we have to pack up the house! We have to pretty much take everything we can possibly think of 'just in case'. 

We have to check nappies are clean and that we have an endless supply of bibs. We have to make sure that we're timing it right in regards to Logan's milk. We have to faff around with the car seats and switch the prams about. And we have to keep ourselves together whilst we sort all of this out and the Ethan's shouting about something or attempting to pull the cat's tail and Logan's crying hysterically because he wants to be picked up. 

The truth is that sometimes we spend longer getting ready to go out and attempting to leave the house than we actually spend out. And we always, and I do mean always, forget something! No matter if we have indeed packed the entire house up.. there's always something! 

That's why I love that we have a little village park less than a five minutes walk from us. It makes getting some fresh air simple and even if we forget something, we're less than 5 minutes from home. It's great for Ethan to run about and burst some of his energy and it's just nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air from time to time without the great hassle and agony of getting a broken back from messing with car seats and getting the kids in and out of the car as well as the pram!

It's a shame that the weather's getting a little (or a lot) colder now, it makes park visits less frequent for us, (although we do make up for it in the Summer!). I absolutely love our local village park, it's become one of our favourite places to go for a bit of break from the house. It's somewhere that my boys are going to grow up and so somewhere that will always be rather special to us. 

Our raincoats were kindly gifted to us by Helly Hansen, the global outdoor lifestyle brand. Mine is this one: http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/w-welsey-trench-62383 and Adam is wearing: http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/universal-moto-jacket-62424. (Yes, we picked matching colours!) ;) I'm totally in love with mine - who knew rain coats could be so stylish?! It's super super comfy and has a packable hood in the back, it comes in a choice of colours too, but this one is my favourite! Adam's is just as lovely and comes in a choice of soil-green which he has, or Ebony which is a black colour. If you're after some new premium raincoats yourself, I highly recommend hellyhansen.com. They're not the cheapest, but I'm a big believer in you get what you pay for and these raincoats are superb quality! I can't wait to wear them during our Lake District holiday next year (it always seems to rain there!). 



  1. Your coats are gorgeous, love that you're all matchy :) I'm also envious of your park being so close, I've seen photos of it before and it looks ace x

    1. Ah thank you. We love them and the fact they match! ;) The park is amazing, we're so lucky x

  2. It was drummed into me when our little lad arrived three years ago that we had to get out of the house every day. I was not an outdoorsy person, and we were a bit depressed as a family, really, so it was an effort some days. We've a second babber due in March, so the kitchen-sink approach to leaving the house will be back in spades. Luckily, we also have a great park virtually across the road and it will be Spring and Summer, so the omens are good.

  3. These coats look gorgeous - and I love your rain coat! I know Helly Hansen well, but mainly from their ski wear, but I've never had their leisure wear. It does look very stylish though :) Loving the matchy-matchy look too :D