Feeling Festive

Somehow it's mid-November already. It feels like June still in my head, but the top right hand corner of my screen is telling me it's November. My head doesn't seem to have caught up with the time ever since Logan was born, but I think that's pretty standard when you have a baby. I don't really remember the first six months of Ethan's life either, it's a bit of an insane time-whizz. 

There are just 41 days until Christmas now! The shops are full of festivity and suddenly Santa's arriving at his Grotto (we're actually off to see him tomorrow!). The Christmas ads are all over the television and I'm sure the radio will start playing festive songs soon (if they haven't already?). 
And talking of the Christmas ads.. we're featured in Channel Mum's version of the popular tv show, Goggle Box, called 'Vlogger Box' with a few of the other Channel Mum Mummies and their lovely families. Have a watch to find out which was voted as the nations favourite christmas ad for 2015 and to see our reactions to watching the big supermarket christmas ads for the first time. I'm thinking we're going to need some 'vlogger box' in our lives - I can't get enough of the whole 'fly on the wall' concept! 

There have been some pretty amazing Christmas ads this year, John Lewis have made a bit of a name for themselves when it comes to Christmas advertisements. I loved last years and this year has been just as good, with such a powerful, important message behind it. I really like the up-beat funkiness to Asda's and the fact that I think it captures the build up and reality of Christmas so perfectly. And then there's the Sainsburys ad, which I actually only just saw today as I think it was released a bit later than everyone elses. It features 'Mog' the cat and with me being a bit of a crazy cat-lady, it instantly climbed it's way up to be my personal absolute favourite! Want to sell me something? Show me a cat!

Which of the Christmas ads are your favourites this year?

Mog the cat is the winner for me! Picture source: Sainsburys



  1. I can't believe where this year has gone! And now Ben is in Nursery the past 2 weeks have gone past even faster! I had a bit of a panic the other day, with how close it is, and hadn't bought enough presents, but have sorted out 3 more people since then, so panic is over. I have yet to watch the Christmas adverts (I'm a bit behind) xx

  2. I love the Mog one! I think it's the best one :)

  3. I love the John Lewis and Sainsburys Christmas adverts, I am also reminded how close Christmas is when they begin to show on TV. This year is flying by and I need to get my butt into gear and start preparing for Christmas I leave everything to the last minute all the time.

  4. My favourite is the Mog one, which at first I thought was for a Christmas safety advert lol! I went to Sainsbury's today and our store had cat paw prints to follow to the Mog display (yes we followed them) :-)

  5. I really love the cat one too. It's so cute.