An Almost Guilt-Free Way to Shop That You'll Really Want to Know About


I've never been a big spender - sure I've always liked to treat myself every now and again - but then who doesn't? Since becoming a Mum, I've unintentionally lost some of the interest in buying things for myself - now it's much more fulfilling to buy for the boys. So whilst they're stepping out (not quite literally with Logan) in the latest trends and fashion, Adam and I still own clothes from when we both lived at home with our Mums! Okay - it's not quite that bad, we do have a lot of nice clothes too, but you see my point I'm sure. 

As a Mum I tend to feel guilty when it comes to buying for myself and whilst I haven't found a way to feel completely guilt-free about spending money and buying myself new things (sadly), I have discovered something that has made me feel a lot less guilty about shopping and it's a charity called - Care2Save. To keep it short - Care2Save.co.uk is a shopping site that lets you give to charity at no extra cost, every time you use the site to shop online. Unlike other sites, 100% of the proceeds from Care2Save go to charity - 80% of every commission goes to the charity/cause of the shoppers choosing and the other 20% goes to the Care2Save Charitable Trust, who use it to support hospice and palliative care in the UK and around the world. 

I find it quite hard to believe that I'd never heard of doing my shopping like this before now, as it really does make TOTAL sense. I've shopped online before with stores such as M&S, Boots and ASOS (which is where the items in the photograph have come from), but I'd always shopped straight through the store's website (as I'm sure a lot of us have done). If only I'd known that I could have earned money for the charity I admire the most (the Animals at Risk Shelter in Luton) simply by clicking a link to the store through the Care2Save website! 

And so I signed up (which took me less than a couple of minutes) and the next time I shopped, I used Care2Save. And you know what?.. it didn't cost me a single penny more and it was no extra hassle. By simply clicking a link I effectively put money into a pot for my chosen to charity so that they were able to put it towards food, bedding, injections and veterinary care for the abandoned animals that they so selflessly take care of. I was even able to see on the Care2Save website a few weeks after I'd shopped, how much I'd raised for them. To me, it's an absolute no-brainer - why would I not want to give money to the amazing charities out there that do so many amazing things for others, simply by doing a bit of shopping myself?! PLEASE visit care2save.co.uk to see what I mean and to see how many hundreds of stores have already signed up to give commission to charity. Even if you don't spend a lot when doing your online shopping, anything you do spend via Care2Save can and will make a difference to your chosen charity. Please also do share this with others so that they'll hopefully do the same. You can share this post or tweet @Care2Save using the hashtag #WhyICare2Save. The more that know about this, the more we'll be able to make a difference to those that need it the most! 


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