Eyebrow Hair Loss Solutions

There is no doubt about the fact that our eyes, including our eyebrows and eyelashes are one of the most important parts of our facial personalities. This is why it is important to keep our eyes looking gorgeous. For some of us, the problem of either naturally light eyebrows or loss of eyebrow hair lingers. Some causes of eyebrow hair loss include excessive plucking, poor diet, chemotherapy, hypothyroidism, atopic dermatitis and several other conditions. If you wish to find out the solution to the problem of eyebrow hair loss, keep reading this guest post for some tips and tricks.

  • Try eyebrow darkening - One of the easiest and cheapest ways to deal with the problem of eyebrow hair loss is to use an eyebrow pencil or product to darken the lighter regions. You can easily apply the product over the eyebrows to make them appear darker for a temporary period of time. There are many pencils and products available on the market and you can easily find one to suit you.
  • Try WUNDERBROW - Another solution that you can opt for to darken and thicken your eyebrows is WUNDERBROW. This product consists of small hair like fibers which can be applied on top of your existing eyebrow hair to form strong bonds that appear like denser, fuller eyebrows. This solution is semi-permanent in nature and is one which looks very natural.
WUNDER BROW proves to be one of the most convenient, affordable and effective solutions for eyebrow hair loss.  It doesn’t get washed off or smudged off and the hair like fibers make strong bonds which can only be removed through a special solution. This product is the new and revolutionary solution for sparse eyebrows and is becoming popular with every passing day. Wunderbrow is completely safe and is a one-step solution for all your eyebrow woes.
  • Eyebrow transplant - If you are interested in getting a permanent and invasive solution to deal with the problem of eyebrow hair loss, then another thing that you can opt for is eyebrow transplant. This process involves the surgical hair restoration and is done under local anesthesia. This can help you get permanent eyebrows and is a solution which is becoming common these days.
  • Eyebrow tattoos - Another solution that can help you deal with eyebrow hair loss or natural light eyebrows is eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattoos are basically interdermal eyebrow micro pigmentation cosmetic eyebrow tattooing which too involves a cosmetic procedure. This process utilizes permanent pigments on the dermis to produce the effect of wearing makeup. 

So which eyebrow enhancing method would you go for? It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before opting for one in order to make the right and budget friendly choice.



  1. I have naturally light eyebrows. I've tried filling them in and things but I'm not good at it. I'm considering trying eyebrow tinting but I need to look into it before I make up my mind!

    Melanie | melanie.sylvia