Camber Sands with Park Resorts: Part One

We've recently got back from a lovely weekend break away in Camber Sands with Park Resorts having been invited to enjoy a stay in one of their gold caravans on their site. I'd never been to Camber Sands before and so I was very excited to see the beach and the type of things that Camber Sands and Park Resorts had to offer. It was Adams birthday whilst we were there, we'd headed down on the Friday morning with Adams parents, as we were allowed to get the keys to our caravan from 1.30pm. It was really nice to be able to check in early as it meant that we effectively didn't lose that first day. 

Check in was extremely easy and when we arrived at the caravan I was thrilled to find that our view from the living/dining room area was that off a huge open field filled with sheep. We could also see wind turbines in the distance (Ethan loved seeing them!) and there was a little stream just by our decking area separating us from the field, which a family of swans lived in - Mum, Dad and their NINE babies! The view from our caravan literally was the best view I could have wished for, anyone that knows me knows that I love the countryside, as well as the beach, which we were 15 minutes away from, I couldn't have asked for more. Not all of the caravans have this view, so we were lucky.

The caravan itself was lovely, it looked new and it felt spacious enough for us - four adults, a toddler and a baby. There were a few things that needed mending such as the inside shelf of the fridge door, the plug of the sink and several dents in the walls but the caravan was clean and the beds were comfortable - something I'd worried about as some caravan beds can be awful! 

On the first day we went over to the beach just in front of the resort, it was such a lovely sunny day - we were really lucky with the weather especially for October! I was a little sad to find that the beach in front of the resort was rocky rather than sandy (boo!). Due to the name 'Camber Sands' I had expected it to be a sandy beach, but I think if we'd driven up the road a bit we may have found us a sandy beach. Asides from that, the beach was lovely and very clean. Ethan really enjoyed dipping his toes in the sea and it was nice to take Logan to the beach for what was his very first time. 

Our picnic/beach blanket was kindly gifted to us by wayfair.co.uk - it has a coated waterproof underside and super soft surface. As far as beach/picnic blankets go - it's pretty awesome! 

For dinner we went to order chips and a vegetable burger from the resorts chip shop, however despite the menu showing vegetable burgers, we were told that they didn't do them. So Adam and his Dad drove out of the resort five minutes down the road to another chip shop and we had a lovely chippy dinner (so got to be done when you're at the beach!). 

We then headed over to the Entertainment centre where sadly we'd missed the initial children entertainment because getting dinner had taken a bit longer, however we headed into the bar area which had been set up for children whilst bingo took place in the main stage area. There were two televisions on the wall which had Nick Jr on and there were a few toy blocks and a few ball pit balls scattered on the floor as well as some puzzle like mat pieces and a larger mat where children could sit down. There was also a table where children could do colouring if they wished to. I think it would have been nice for there to be a few more toys in there for the children to play with, but after 20 minutes or so one of the children's Entertainers (Amy) came in to the room and sat and played with the children. Ethan was making his own entertainment with his Grandma and his Grandpop but Amy approached us anyway and asked us about where we'd come from and also spoke to Ethan. It was lovely for her to do that and she really seemed to know how to get the children involved and make them feel relaxed, which was really nice. 

At around 8pm, the bingo had finished and a children's disco was on ahead of 'Madness and Mayhem'. Despite being a little shy at first, Ethan was soon on the dance floor loving the music and all of the lights. When the next show started, it was great to find Amy (along with her entertainment partner) hosting it.. they got everyone involved, so many of the kids were up and dancing, as were a lot of the parents. Amy and her partner were absolutely brilliant and really made it for us. We stayed for a few hours until it became very much apparent that a certain young two year old little boy was perhaps a little over-tired and so we headed back to the caravan, where Ethan was out like a light even before his head had even had a chance to hit his pillow. It's hard being two! ;) 

Part two of our weekend away at Camber Sands is here.



  1. Looks like you had a great time that place looks amazing beautiful holiday home fab photos :)

  2. What absolutely gorgeous photographs! It looks lovely xx

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  3. Ahh sounds very nice. Your caravan looks identical to the one we stayed in in the North east with park resorts, we found it lovely and spacious xx

  4. It looks like you had such a lovely break and that caravan looks so big compared to ones I am used to! x

  5. Ah Camber isn't too far from where we live - we love it down there! I can't believe you found a stoney beach, in all the years we've been going and all the different sections of the beach we've been to I've never seen a stoney part!! Haha ...such a shame, the sand stretches for miles and miles and is so beautiful!


  6. Lovely pictures and the place looks good too. Nice and clean x

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time and that caravan looks really big and what a lovely view you had xx