A Look At Sleeping Habits For The UK

It's easy to assume that sleeping is a pretty standardised human activity. However, differences in technology and the social habits of particular cultures actually result in diverse sleeping rituals around the world and many people all over the world now sleep less than they did several hundred years ago. Mattress Next Day have recently looked into the worlds sleeping habits and have released a very interested infographic which compares the sleeping patterns and habits between different countries. 

Being in the UK, the UK segment was naturally most interesting to me. Did you know that the average sleep time on work-nights for people living in the UK is 6 hours and 49 minutes? The average sleep time goes up, but just a little, for non-work nights to 7 hours and 26 minutes. The average sleep time needed for us in the UK to function at our best is 7 hours and 20 minutes, which means that on work-nights, we on average, actually need an additional sleep time of 31 minutes. So most of us actually require half an hours more sleep. 

Some more interesting UK sleep facts that I've learnt are as follows:
  • 51% of people get less sleep than needed on work nights. 
  • 7% of people are getting enough sleep.
  • 82% of people say their routine allows for adequate sleep.
  • 30% of people sleep naked!
  • and 43% of people drink a hot brewage before bed. (I know I do!) 
I'm sure the majority of my readers are fellow parents, so it's likely that pretty much none of us are getting anywhere near enough sleep at night. How much sleep averagely would you say that you're getting a night?



  1. I must admit I don't have near enough the amount of sleep I need. I tend to stay up late so that I can have time to myself or with my hubby whilst Blake is asleep.

  2. Do you have a link for that infographic I'd love to see if they have information about Australia on there but I can't find it.
    I would say that I get about 6 - 8 hours of broken sleep each night. I have a 3 month old and she sleeps very well but I still wake up many times and just peak at her to see if she is alright! I used to sleep for like..9 or 10 hours. So its a big change for me!

  3. thanks for sharing