Home Haul: September 2015

If you read my blog often, you'll more than likely know that I'm quite into my home decor, though I am rather restricted at the moment when it comes to doing the house as I'd like it to be because we're trying (very hard) to wait until after the loft conversion so that we can do the rooms as a whole and not bit by bit. We tend to find that doing a room all together really seems to work best when it comes to giving a room in the house a makeover. Lately I've been busy gathering inspiration for the house over on Pinterest, I think we're going to go quite Scandinavian around the house including in Ethans room but with a bit more colour and with Logans bedroom it'll be a little bit younger and baby-like as he's only very little, perhaps something like (this) maybe with a disney quote wall decal on one of the the walls. We just want to make sure that his room will be on that'll suit his age.

I've done so well and I've held off of buying anything for the house for so long now, but I did have a little stumble this week whilst having a browse around The Range, which by the way has some great stuff - I need to go there more often, post loft-conversion obviously! I also did get some new bits for the bathroom from wayfair.com but they were replacements for things that quite desperately needed changing.

Adam spotted these house string lights first and when I saw them I thought they'd be perfect for our bedroom above our mirror to have on in the evenings to make the room feel a little more cosier. 

I'm not quite sure what it was about this that I liked so much but it only cost me a pound or so and so I just couldn't leave it in the shop! 

 Up to you box frame - The Range
I can't find the link to this up to you box frame on their website sadly, but I picked it up in store for £5.99 and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I love the wood and white together and I find the little saying quite motivational. 

I loved this glass tea light holder as soon as I saw it on the shelf - I am a big modern rustic fan and so the mix of wood and glass on this really is so my sort of thing! 

Lavender bunch - The Range
I wanted some artificial flowers to display around the house and to use in the background of blog photographs to make them a little more prettier and so I thought these and the below and also the ones pictured in the main picture above would be perfect! 

 More artificial flowers to display around the house and to use in the background of blog photographs.

 Square pedal bin | Toilet brush holder | Bath mat - www.wayfair.co.uk
As I said above, we really needed some new bits for our bathroom.. our bath mat had a huge hole in and the bathroom bin had become rusty! I found these bits on Wayfairs website and thought they'd really suit our bathroom. I think the plan for our bathroom is to go black and white to match the style of the tiles already in there, so I went for this black and white cotton bath mat which is currently on sale for around £10 - bargain! 

And that is it! Well actually not quite, I did buy some Christmas decor bits too (yes it's September, yes I know it's terrible!). But I think I'll wait with them and perhaps share them when we're a little bit closer to Christmas (it's only THREE months today!). Asides from buying these odd bits for our home, I've been having a bit of a re-arrange of the bedrooms, I don't know why I bothered though as we plan to re-do pretty much the whole of our upstairs with the conversion hopefully next year! So there's a little home haul (with a bit of a home decor update) from me. I'd love to make these monthly so if you'd like to see more of these sorts of posts let me know and I will see if I can schedule something in. :)



  1. Ahhh so lovely!! I love the lavender, such a lovely idea! xx

  2. You got some lovely bits! Can't wait to see your rooms when the conversion is done! xx

  3. Ah I love all these bits Alex, I think I've got quite similar home decor taste to you- I love whites and greys and shabby chic rustic. The range is fab for little bits to make finishing touches to a room xx

  4. I love artificial flowers. I can never keep flowers alive. Lol so for that reason we have a few artificial ones in our house too. We were supposed to move into a bigger house but probably stay in this one now as too attached so I'm getting more house decor soon too.