Changing Seasons

I don't like the cold weather much myself, but there is something about this time of year that I really do love. I enjoy watching the leaves change colour as much as I enjoy being able to kick them whilst they lay covering the ground underneath my feet. And I love how spooky-like the trees look after they've lost their leaves, combined with the fresh chill in the air, it all makes me excited for Halloween - an event of the year that though I don't quite know why, makes me feel quite a bit excited, a bit like a kid I suppose.  Does anyone else feel that way about the run up to and the night of Halloween?

I actually said to Adam earlier on that for me it's the change from Spring to Summer and then from Summer to Autumn that are my favourite times of the year season-wise. I'm not so fond of winter, the bitter cold of winter is a bit much for me, even to the point that it takes some of my personal excitement of Christmas away. Although, now I have two little boys I'm sure that the last thing I'll be worrying about come Christmas day will be the cold. Christmas day with two young children will likely be all go-go-go - a day full of pure happiness and utter excitement for my boys, which I'm sure Adam and I as parents will completely relish. 

But I'm skipping ahead.. it's autumn here and I'm feeling good about it, well.. just as long as the weather stays just 'fresh' and doesn't get too bitter too quickly! Autumn seems to be a season that brings with it so much loveliness, like opportunities to snuggle with the hot water bottle underneath thick, soft blankets whilst having a hot mug of tea in one hand and the television remote in the other. On the other hand it also brings the opportunity to get outdoors with the children to collect leaves, conkers and to discover nature, without being smothered head to toe in sun cream and inevitably melting into one hot mess (yeah - thanks summer!). Autumn is also about a change of attire, a chance to hit the shops to pick out or lust over new autumnal outfits - there's nothing quite like snuggling inside of an over sized, big cosy warm jumper!

Having just had my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of store gift cards as presents from kind members of my family and so I've been able to do a little autumn-winter shopping myself. Only as a parent I tend to find that I usually somehow manage to drift over to the childrens section in shops looking to seek out things for the boys rather than for myself and with Adams birthday coming up in just a couple of weeks, I've been spending more time looking over mens knitwear than I have my own. And on that note.. I really should get a move on with my husbands birthday plans and his gifts, I have just 11 days to find Adam something that he'll (hopefully) love. So I'll leave you with the below not-so-great quality but rather adorable photograph that I took today of my eldest baby playing trains with his Daddy.. they're wearing pretty much matching jumpers and it melted my heart a little. :) 


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  1. Aaw they look adorable in their matching jumpers Alex! I know what you mean about shopping. I go straight to the baby aisle nowadays! Xx

  2. Lovely photos. I do love Autumn for the crunchy leaves and golden colours but that's about it LOL. Give me summer any day of the year.

  3. I LOVE halloween. I mean if there wasn't Xmas then halloween would be my favourite time of the year. It's not just the dressing up bit but also the decorations. I'm just mad into it and my fiance thinks I'm mad. But then again he's mad into his Xmas decorations so it's all good. Lol
    I'm the same with the clothes situation. I've lost weight and I need to buy new clothes but whether it's online or in store I always end up in the ids section. I don't have clothes. :(