Calling all Scooby Doo/LEGO fans! Plus win a £150 Smyths Toys Gift Card

It's no secret that we're big LEGO fans in our house, we have to be being that my Husband runs his own custom LEGO business - Demonhunter Bricks. We get to see all of the old valuable sets as well as the brand new modern sets like the Scooby Doo LEGO sets pass through our doors. There's a LOT of bricks, a ton of cardboard and it can be a lot of work but it's exciting and I know my Husband loves it so much and I suspect Ethan and Logan may well do too as they get older!

Last week Adam and Ethan were sat watching LEGO stop motion videos on YouTube together (I'm pretty obsessed with stop motion myself - I think it's awesome and loved the stop motion videos that Jonathan Joly of the Saccone Jolys did years ago with his wife on his YouTube channel, did anyone else see them?). If you've never watched LEGO stop motion and you/your kids are in to LEGO, it's well worth looking up, as there's some awesome little videos out there like these short LEGO Scooby Doo clips (below) which is hosted over on the WK Kids YouTube channel. They upload new videos weekly so it's worth subscribing and if your little one's a fan of Scooby Doo then they might enjoy a visit to ScoobyDoo.com too.

There's also a giveaway to win a £150 gift card from http://www.smythstoys.com/ which you can actually enter via my blog below. However please note that I am not running nor am I responsible for this giveaway and it is not just being hosted on my site, it will be hosted on other blogs and websites too. This giveaway is being run by Warner Bros and the randomly selected winner will be contacted directly by them and not myself. 



  1. Fantastic prize! Me & my son LOVE Scooby Doo! I love the fact its still going, I used to watch it when I was little!

  2. I never need an excuse the play with Lego! My nephew has just turned three and he absolutely loves it x

  3. I love Scooby Doo! I used to watch it religiously at my Gran's house.