I'm Dreaming of a White.. Kitchen!

I like the colour white, it's my favourite colour - as if you didn't already know. ;) 

I like to keep the decor in my house nice and bright. Bright as in neutral and white, not bright as in colourful. As lovely, as lots of colour can look in a house, that's just not me. Some people find too much white decor too clinical, but not me, I'd quite happily live in a house decorated entirely in the colour white. 

Well.. Maybe not entirely.

I am loving the grey or grey-brown wood/laminate flooring that seems to be creeping up a lot lately, as well as the white metro brick effect tiles, that a lot of other bloggers seem to really like to. And I already have my eye on a really lovely stainless steel cookware set that I spotted the other day and now really want. 

My home inspiration board over on pinterest is getting quite full up of very similar sorts of styles of kitchens, that feature white furniture, cupboards and sink areas and then that rather beautiful grey wooden flooring. 

Luckily Adam and I both seem to agree on the decor style we'd eventually like our kitchen to be. We seem to have very very similar tastes, styles and ideas to each other and are often found spending time browsing and finding pictures together for inspiration over on Pinterest. Though sometimes I'll often just re-pin all of his pins! One thing that I know we'll definitely go for is a white kitchen, it's something we've agreed on from the very start, we just need to select the right one for us! There's a lot of researching to do and ideas to gather. I've been having a look at the lovely white cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Kings as they've got a few really nice looking white ones, plus they sell their cabinets pre-assembled, which would be really good for us! 

I know that we're a little way off of getting our dream kitchen just now, though it could end up being sooner than we expect. Right now, we're focusing all our efforts and savings towards having our attic converted as we need the extra room due to the arrival of the newest member of our family, Logan. We've looked at our finances a number of time and hopefully, if all goes to plan we'll be able to start properly planning a new kitchen in 2016/2017.  

But until then, I guess I'll just keep on dreaming.. and pinning away on Pinterest of course.. ;) *All images are from Pinterest.


  1. Yes, I love a white kitchen too ;) In fact my whole house is slowly going the same way ha!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. OMG we are dreaming of the same type of kitchen , if only I could win the lottery now to get it done ASAP x

  3. I'd love a kitchen like this. I have a kind of country inspired kitchen just now but after looking at brand new houses, I love the white/grey/black combos they have. Be a nightmare to keep clean though LOL.

  4. The grey-brown laminate flooring looks nice! I want a kitchen makeover soon.. but I am not sure what colour to go for. White kitchen would be lovely, but I don't think its a good idea with my girls haha! x

  5. Looks lovely but involves a lot of cleaning too.