5 Ways to Brighten Up The Rooms In Your House

Brightening up some of the rooms in your house can completely transform the general ambience, yet many people assume that this means spending a lot of money on fitting new windows. If you want to avoid going down that route, there are several more cost-effective ways to give your house a welcoming and radiant feel, just in time for summer. 

brighten rooms in house up
Daylight bulbs - If your room is extremely dark, you can create the effect of natural light within your room by using daylight bulbs. Just choose how intense you want the light. These are also a great idea if you don’t get the chance to work in the daytime when at home and end up struggling to work with different lamps later on.  

Colour - Repainting the existing white walls in your house, along with changing darker walls to white can really freshen up your room. However, white paint isn’t the only option, as bringing in a small and selective amount of bright colours can also help to accentuate different features.  Match colour to other areas of your room and accentuate key features. With new augmented technology you can even try out colour without even opening a paint can.

Plants - Adding plants to your room is perhaps one of the most simplistic yet enjoyable ways to help disguise a lack of natural light. Choosing plants that can survive on limited sunlight is important. Some of the options for this may include ferns, snake plants or peace lilies, while using brightly coloured plant pots can help to add some extra colour into darker spaces. 

Mirrors  - Mirrors are a widely recognised method of creating the sense that a room has plenty of natural light. Although using mirrors is a fairly easy idea, you want to ensure that you get it right. If your room has quite a relaxed feel to it already, you may like the look of propping up a full-length mirror between two windows. This can enhance natural light and also trick the eye into thinking that there is an extra window. Another trick which would work well in smaller spaces is placing a large mirror behind a small chest. 

Space - Creating more space within a dark room is an effective way of making a noticeable difference. Cluttered space can distract from the bright spaces, making it feel far more dated and dull than it actually is. It is simply a matter of taking a look at the room as objectively as possible and deciding which items don’t actually compliment it. If you don’t want to throw something away, pick somewhere to store it. However, it is probably worth asking yourself how often you actually use the item or admire it, do you actually need it?

Hopefully some of these ideas can be applied to your home and subtly transform your living space into a brighter, more spacious place to enjoy.   



  1. Oh I never realised you could get daylight bulbs, this will be something i will look into as my room doesn't get much direct sunlight.

  2. These are such great idea. But I'm on the other end. My room get too much light..