Baby #2: My Pregnancy Favourites

I've decided not to call this post a pregnancy essentials post because none of these items featured are really an essential to pregnancy.. they're just quite useful and have become pregnancy favourites of mine! In addition to this post, I've filmed and uploaded a video for my YouTube channel, so if you'd like to have a little watch of that then you can find it at the end of this post. :)

Pregnancy favourites, pregnancy essenitals

Orange juice and Spatone
I'm not sure that it's entirely a craving as such, but I really have a thing for orange juice (freshly squeezed) during pregnancy - I was the same when I was pregnant with Ethan. Whenever I drink it I feel like it gives me a sort of boost. It's funny because a few weeks after I had Ethan, I stopped buying it as much (if at all), so I definitely know that my love of orange juice is pregnancy related. I try and add Spatone to glasses of orange juice (when I remember to), if you're not familiar with it - it's an iron rich water, so is supposed to help with iron levels, which during pregnancy, especially so in the third trimester can become a little low.

boppy pillow
Boppy pregnancy wedge
I'm one of those people who just HAS to sleep with something in between their legs - even when I'm not pregnant. I cannot stand how uncomfortable I feel when my knee caps are together, so I'd always used a random pillow to alleviate my discomfort. I recently came across this little gem though in the shape of a pregnancy wedge from Boppy and it has become my new best friend! t's the perfect size for exactly what I use it for and also can be used to prop up the bump if I'm feeling uncomfortable. It's also much nicer on the eye than the pillow that I used before!
Stretch mark creams and oils
I don't have a particular favourite when it comes to stretch mark creams or oils. I know that people say Bio Oil is amazing and I have used it during this pregnancy (it's not pictured because I ran out and have thrown out the empty bottle already) but I'm really not sure if any of the many products I've used are stand out favourites. I suppose that may be because I do actually have quite a few stretch marks despite using products designed to help keep them at bay. Despite the fact that I do have stretch marks, I enjoy using creams and oils like these that are designed to help hydrate the skin on my expanding stomach and who knows - my stretch marks may be worse if I didn't use them!

cath kidston diary
Cath Kidston Diary
You're probably wondering why I have included my diary in this post.. it's a bit of an odd one as it's not technically pregnancy related and if I'm totally honest - I'm not much of an organised diary user generally, but I seem to become an organised diary kinda' gal when I'm pregnant. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I went along each week and wrote how far along I'd be each week in advance. I also use my diary to keep track of my scan dates, midwife appointments and any jabs or immunisations I'm scheduled to have. I also use it to keep a track of my shifts at work and other general going-on's in our family lives. I was like this with my diary when I was pregnant with Ethan, but then the same week he arrived was the same week I stopped using my diary, haha! So my slight improvement in organisation is definitely a pregnancy thing for sure!

Maternity nightie from The Essential One
Ah I do love a good nightie! For me, there's nothing better than being snuggled up warm and comfortable in my nightwear, a pair of slippers and my dressing gown - it's bliss and even more so during pregnancy! This nightie is new and is from The Essential One, it's a proper maternity night dress and it is really, really pretty on! Even Adam commented on how nice it was. I'm going to be taking it with me in my hospital bag and even though I don't want to ruin it, I think I may wear it during labour, as it's just really comfortable to wear (and is of course gorgeous). ;) 

I'm a complete slipper addict - I wear slippers all day everyday, come rain or shine. I love them because they're so comfortable and warm and not even the summer heat can separate me from my slippers! The above are from Tesco and are the ones that I'm taking with me in my hospital bag as being backless, they're much smaller than my usual boot slippers so will take up less room in the bag. They're on here as a pregnancy favourite simply because when you're pregnant it's all about being comfy! 

pregnancy ++, pregnancy app
Pregnancy ++ app 
I really love this app, so much so that I've re-used it - I used it the entire way through my pregnancy with Ethan too! It's called Pregnancy ++ or there's another version (which I believe is the free version, though don't quote me) which is called Pregnancy +. It's such a good app for pregnancy, there are absolutely tons of features on it, in fact it has everything pregnancy-related you need from a pregnancy app. My favourite features are the weekly updates, 3d and scan images of what a baby the same week as yours looks like, baby size guide, baby name list, pregnancy timeline and bump/stomach growth images. Every Monday I sit and read the weekly pregnancy update to Adam and we get so excited - I love it!

Paracetamol and Pregnacare
I rarely take pain relief tablets unless I absolutely need to, but I wanted to include paracetamol as it's sort of the only pain relief you can take when you're pregnant. I've used it a few times throughout my pregnancy to help alleviate back pain and headaches and so it's made it's way on to my list. On a separate note I've been taking the Pregnacare vitamin daily throughout my pregnancy. It's recommended by midwives as being one of the best vitamins you can take when you're pregnant so just like it was when I was pregnant with Ethan - it's been my go-to complete pregnancy vitamin! 



  1. i lived on spatone before, during and after pregnancy. It's such a subtle iron supplement that never messed with my body at all.

  2. Fab video Alex! Those slippers look well comfy.... :)