5 Gifts Dad Will Love This Fathers Day

I don't know if it's just me, but I find buying for men, specifically for Dads, a little bit of a challenge! Whenever I ask the question 'What would you like for Fathers Day/ your birthday / Christmas?' I'm often greeted with the frustrating response of 'Ah don't worry about, there's nothing I really want or am after'. This over-used response I've heard so often makes me then do this face: -.-' ....  because it's at this point that the challenge of trying to find something that they'll actually like really begins! 

With this in mind, I've decided to put together a look at give great gifts that I think Dads everywhere will love this Fathers Day. Hopefully it'll help inspire those poor people that get the same response as I do year after year, occasion after occasion! Let me know what you think.. :) 

First up, I thought I'd put forward the idea of an iTunes voucher.. It seems like such a simple idea I know, but so many of us, not excluding the Dads out there, spend so much time on our phones these days, that it might just make the perfect gift. It's a simple one, yes, but sometimes it's the simplest gifts that make the best gifts. 

These Daddy Pig socks are an absolute must for all Dads of Peppa Pig fans (of which I suspect there may be just a few!) ;) There much nicer than plain old boring black Dad socks, plus, he'll then be able to impress the little ones with just a flash of his socks, because after all - all the cool Dads are wearing Peppa Pig socks these days! You can pick a pair up online at the Peppa Pig online toy shop.

If you haven't already heard of Craftculture.co then you're missing out. Head over to their site to have a browse of the type of products they have to offer like natural and vegan-friendly shaving essentials, bow ties and other artisan-made essentials for the modern man, like this fabulous beard gift box that comes neatly packed with all the following beard care items: beard oil, beard wash, beard balm, small beard/moustache comb, medium beard/moustache comb and beard trimming scissors. If Dad's sporting a bit of a beard then he's sure to love this! 

The Braun series 7 shaver is well known for being one of the absolute best shavers out there! With it's intelligent sonic technology, it's Brauns most innovative shaver! It automatically adjusts its power to the density of the beard and delivers an exceptional 10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke - for the ultimate thorough and comfortable shave. If you really want to impress Dad with a gift this Fathers Day, this may just be your best choice! 

The Lumie Bodyclock is the original wake-up light, also called a dawn simulator. It'll wake Dad up gradually with increasing natural light and will help to keep his sleep cycle on track, boosting his mood, energy and productivity levels all day (Yay for nicer, more energetic Dads!). The Bodyclock Active 250 also adds audio options to the versatile light settings to make it an all-purpose bedroom light. You can purchase one for your own Dad over at lumie.com!

So there you have it - five great gifts Dads everywhere will love this Fathers Day! 

P.S.  > Remember not to forget his card or the date  - 21st June 2015! Have a lovely Fathers Day!



  1. The beard box looks amazing. My man would definitely love that!!! Ray xx

  2. Great ideas! So glad I read this as I must crack on and find something with Freddie this week. Those Daddy Pig socks are just the best! Think ill be heading on over to the Peppa Pig online shop later... Xx