The Best Sentimental Gift Ideas

We all want to buy the gift that shows how much we care for the recipient. A present, whether it is for an anniversary, a birthday or just because, should represent your relationship to the person. However, going for the sentimental gift can be dangerous territory, ill-judged presents can come across as cheesy or just a bit naff. But if you put some thought into it you can make the person’s day. Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a present for someone because they either have all the possessions they need or they don’t seem to enjoy many activities which don’t require expensive expert equipment. In this case, it is a nice idea to go for the experiential presents. This could be a weekend away, a lovely meal out or a night at the theatre. Cast your mind back to similar experiences that you have enjoyed and maybe return to a favourite restaurant of the two of you or see the play of a film you have both enjoyed.

Photo Gifts
A photo presented in the right way can make for a gift which your recipient will treasure. You could choose a fantastic picture of the two of you (or you both in a group/with the family) and get it printed on a product such as a mug or a key ring. Alternatively, studios such as Venture produce great portrait photography so you could organise a trip for the two of you or organise for them to get family pics produced.

Going back to a place you visited in the past may make a sweet present. You can see how much the place has changed, relive some memories and create new ones. Have a look at some of the deals on lastminute.com for inspiration.

Put together a box of objects which mean a lot you both is an unusual present which will evoke memories which you have shared together. They can continue adding to the objects after the event and before that you can both have hours of fun looking through the objects in the box and reminiscing over a bottle of wine. 

There are few things which are more evocative than music. A fuss-free gift that could mean a lot to the recipient is a CD of an artist (or possible the soundtrack to a film) which was made at a special time in both your lives. In this age of people having fewer CDs or tangible music products, it is also more unusual and nice to receive such a gift. 


If there is a book which you know means a lot to the recipient, you could go for a specially presented version of the novel. Websites such as The Folio Society produce splendid looking books which make for very special gifts.


  1. I'm always looking for sentimental gifts and generally revert back to photo gifts time and time again! Loving all your blog tweaks lovely :) x

  2. I love sentimental gifts! xx