A look at the Urban Decay Collection for Spring 2015

Being a very busy, pregnant Mum it's great to have a few different treats to try out during the rare, sacred moments where I am able to grab a little bit of 'me' time. Those moments may be getting rarer and rarer as time goes by but I really do like making them count when they do present themselves. 

urban decay spring 2015 range

Excitingly, I was recently sent some of Urban Decays brand new Spring 2015 products to try out and then provide feedback for here on my blog. And so here is a look at their new range and my thoughts on some of their brand new products.. 

urban decay spring 2015 range

Above are just three (out of ten) of the brand new Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipsticks . I usually only ever by nude lipsticks, as I a. feel like they suit me the most and b. as I said above - I am a creature of habit when it comes to beauty. So it was nice to have the opportunity to force myself to try some other shades. These lipsticks are super creaming and very shiny. They leave my lips feeling really hydrated which for a lipstick is pretty impressive as I usually find that lipsticks do tend to dry my lips out. When I use these I do feel like my lips look a little plumper and fuller and even though it surprises me, as I am not one for super pigmented lips, I actually really like the red colour - Slowburn (below).

urban decay spring 2015 range, urban decay slowburn

urban decay spring 2015 range, urban decay mascara resurrection
Next up is Urban Decays Mascara Resurrection and I have to say I was so intrigued and excited by this when it arrived. In the morning when I apply my mascara, I, like most women, am happy with it. However fast forward a few hours later or at the end of a long working day or even a day at home after having Ethan jumping all over me all day long, my mascara looks tired and clumpy. And that's totally fine if I'm heading for an early night that evening but not so great if I have plans to go out for dinner. And that's where this product really comes into play - it refreshes and renews the mascara you're wearing and allows you to reapply new mascara without having it clump up on top of the existing. To be totally honest I think it's quite brilliant! 

urban decay spring 2015 range, urban decay moondust

I was also sent two of their brand new Moondust eyeshadows to try, these are super sparkly, though without the chunky glitter! I initially thought that they were cream eyeshadows as I personally think that they really look like they are, but they're actually more like pressed-powder shadows. I find that they go on best when I use my finger to apply them and I absolutely love the lighter of the two shades - Cosmic (seen below). It gives a really nice subtle twinkling effect to my eyes.

urban decay cosmic moondust

urban decay spring 2015 range, urban decay naked powder

Until I tried Urban Decays new Ultra Definition Powder Foundation, I was yet to find a powder I loved. I found other powders I'd tried either too cakey or dusty looking and so I tended to leave them out of my daily make up routine. I find this to be the total opposite and I am so impressed by how well it blends and the coverage it gives. I feel a lot more confident knowing that I now have a powder I can carry around in my bag for when I need a foundation re-touch. 

urban decay spring 2015 range, urban decay naked concealer

And last but not at all least is Urban Decays brand new Naked Concealer. And as above with my lack of finding a powder I loved until UD's ultra definition powder came into my life, I was the same with finding a concealer. I could never find a concealer that I'd happily say that I loved and so it again wasn't something that I used in my everyday makeup routine, but now that I've had the opportunity to try this, I can safely say that I think I've found 'the one' for me. I often found other concealers to be too heavy and leave me with that cakey sort of look but I find UD's Naked Concealer to be light on application but great for coverage. It's another one that I can pop into my bag and feel confident about when it comes to topping up my make up on the go!

Have you tried any of Urban Decays new Spring 2015 products yet? If so what have you tried and what do you think?



  1. I normally go for nudes too, I'm not brave enough for bolder shades! I totally hear you on "me time" getting rarer! xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I LOVE Urban Decay so much, and the powder foundation is a revelation!! The lipsticks sound fab!


  3. Oh I am so jealous! These look brilliant. I'm a massive nude fan, but I have been wearing brighter lipsticks recently and really enjoying them! I'd love to see your makeup routine! xx

  4. Ohhhh! I gotta try that powder!!

  5. Those lipsticks look fab and I definitely need to try that foundation powder! Do you think it would be suitable for more oily skin? I'm struggling to find one suitable xx

  6. Oo it all looks gorgeous! I need a new concealer :) xx